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does anyone else have 7 frosty and insignis plants in bloom? and a ton of rooted babies, some at least 2 feet tall plus? guess i will know tonight, my "orange" from the flea market looks like FP and Cala, my Versicolor peach looks like frosty pink, thinking might be insignis cause the leaves are different. i personally don't see the need for having both of these, they are so similar.
brugman, one of your hybrids will be open tonight, tomorrow at latest.will post pic as soon as it opens. it is definitely not one of these pinks, when i opened the bud up it has a satiny kind of yellow shine to it and i don't think the flowers will be as large as FP.
then i mail cuttings to the panhandle on saturday, very pretty cuttings, not knowing barry was headed there addressed to gone2seeds business and the general area zipcode. haven't heard, from them yet, said they would probably lose power and are last on the lines. am restraining myself from looking up the phone number and calling them. and my email works only half the time. whine, whine, whine.
on the other hand all these pink blooms are really pretty, one bush has 30 or more blooms....i have tons of brugs, was expecting to have more variety than i have ended up with. hoping my little babies from this summer will bloom soon, along with my brugman hybrids....

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I think I might have the opposite problem. I have quite a variety of brugs, but no blooms. But considering I started the end of May, I'm not doing bad. I have 5 from a dear lady that should bloom this year, and possibly 3 more. It's a long time til October, so maybe:) Of course if I can't trade all the cuttings that are ready to be cut, I will wind up with the same problem you have!!


Tig, you had best get those into bloom then...Easy way of getting a bloom right off the bat...send out cuttings with lil buds on em. Some of the Candida pink cuttings I am trying to rot in water have buds on em....

Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

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Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

well, ummm, Mr Brugman, would you like to have postage money to send me some with blooms on them???? :) Actually, I may, and that's a big may, have blooms on my Dr Seuss. They are teeny tiny, and could still turn out to be leaves, but i don't think so this time. When you here a huge holler from my direction, you'll know they are blooms!!!


Mz, I meant rot, course I am hoping that I can give these Brugmansia a nice home before they rot all the way...the Cypress Gardens root stock is from a 3 year old ground rooted Brugmansia. I had not tilled the ground when I planted it so it stayed very small. The cuttings I took from it are bigger then the cypress gardens in the ground...hence the value of tilling the ground before one plants...or at least mixing the soil up a bit....
Tig, as you have most likely figured out...I hardly ever give out any aurea hybrids that are close to being 1/2 aurea...candida pink is 1/2 aurea so this is a first time and probably an only time for a while that I will be offering any of those for a while....Anything over 1/2 aurea is too valuable for me as a hybridizing tool to let out as a general rule...but even I must make exceptions from time to time...Thinking Mz is in Florida and may be able to grow these a bit better...yes I am biased towards Floridians... and Canadians as well as they don't have that much in the way of Brugs...of course not much...should be a whole heck of a lot now.... Have to go through my emails and my cuttings and see how many people I can please and who is offering the best trades on these first though. Wish I had enough for everyone...but the only way I could give everyone plants would be to kill all of mine or go into my seedling bed....

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Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

we understand, just don't let them go to waste:)

Midland, MI(Zone 5a)

You're partial to Floridians and Canadians?? Does being a Michigander count??? We're next door neighbors to Canada, and we are always looking for good sources...... :)))))))))

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