Candylily bloom

Whitehall, PA(Zone 6a)

I have Candylily x Pardancanda norrisii and am wondering when the bloom stalks are supposed to start to appear? I'm anxious to see if it's actually going to bloom this year, here's why:

I got this plant last year and it got the bloom stalks and buds (had them for a long time) but never flowered (I think we had too much rain and the buds rotted). The plant did stay very healthy through last summer and grew so much that I divided it this spring. It was looking pretty healthy but now some of the fans are starting to fade in color just a bit, maybe due to the hot weather? No bloom stalks yet, and no sign of them. I am wondering if this plant is behind schedule?

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

Takes about 4 months or so to form flowers. Patience.

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Whitehall, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks Dale. I am expending a great deal of patience on my tomato plants this year... not sure I have any left. LOL
4 months from what point do you mean? Any idea I should expect to see the beginnings of flower stalks here in zone 6? The plants seem kind of in limbo right now; haven't noticed any growth for a few weeks.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

About 4 months from your 'average last frost' date. My guess - July. You should be seeing a bud for the flower stem soon since it has stopped growing new leaves. If you remove the flower stem after it is done the plant should send out new growth from the base, forming a good size clump after a few years. I always cut out the old growth as soon as it is half yellow (or a little more).

I am not sure what triggers them to bloom. Some plants it is the long days of summer, other plants it is the shorter days of fall (mums are like that) and some are day neutral, they bloom as soon as they are big enough (annuals are like that).

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