Tradescantia (formerly Rhoeo) spathacea "Dwarf Tricolor"

Gillingham, United Kingdom

I bought one of these a few months ago to be kept as a container plant, but it seems incredibly prolific. I have re-potted it once, but to be honest, it will just outgrow any pot that I put it in, in a very short time. I know they are used as ground cover in warmer climates, so what it the best approach in a pot. Should I just prune heavily or divide and re-pot into separate containers. Has anyone else grown this in a pot long term?

You can see pictures of my plant and how it has grown over the past few month at my website,

(Zone 1)

Yep .... I have the Tradescantia bermudensis plant here growing in my Garden as well as in containers in my screened pool enclosure. I have given some away in trades. There's a solid green form with reddish underside (Tradescantia spathacea) that a lot of folks like to grow here in Florida as a ground cover, but I don't like the green one, too boring to me. I just love the T. bermundensis with the vivid color Here's the Plant Files info on it:

Here's a photo of one of mine in a pot on the pool deck, I've never even put it in an interesting or pretty container (soon, if I find time) ... it's just in one of those old nursery pots. I dug it up out of the garden because it was being taken over by some vines! I still have another one I need to dig up and transplant elsewhere, or put it in containers too. When they multiply, I just remove some of the pups and pot them up to trade!

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