La Porte, IN(Zone 5A)

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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Hi Dan,

The red does grow in zone 5, we used to have it back in the woods, but all I've seen lately is the white. I'm leaving mine all back there - small grandchildren who are good about not eating plants, but I've decided not to take any chances. The berries and other parts of the plant are extremely poisonous. they are spectacular looking, though.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Dan I have the red baneberry - and I'm zone 5. I can send you some seeds when they're ready but I understand they're difficult to germinate. They are pretty - the berries are a brilliant red. I can see how they could be tempting to a little one.

La Porte, IN(Zone 5A)

Thanks Poppysue for your generosity. The white that I have are named 'Dolls Eyes' because of the black spot on the white berries. We don't let the little one go down in the lower gardens alone because of them, but they are such beautiful plants and it would be a shame not to have them. I understand that the seeds are very hard to germinate, but it would be worth a try. Thanks again, Dan

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