magazine ad for flowering tree

Plano, TX

the ad promises a "flowering, scented, shade tree in just one season" "zooms up to 12 feet in one season--spreads up to 30 feet across" price is 9.98 for 2 trees with a guarantee---the name of the tree is the empress tree--also known as the Royal Paulownia Tree-----so has anyone tried this tree?--i have some big spaces i could fill in and the picture is pretty but it sounds so unbelievable--

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Here's a link about this seems pretty informative.

Hope this helps


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

The one thing the article doesn't mention is that this tree is highly invasive in many areas of the country. I found it listed as a potential threat on, so I wouldn't plant it if I were you. If you do decide to buy it anyway, I would look up the company you're buying it from in Garden Watchdog first to make sure they're trustworthy.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I think these adds sound too good to be true, be carefull because I know some so called fast growing trees/shrubs are actually grafted onto other rootstocks, I am not saying this is the case here, but if you also want flowers (and these trees have wonderfull perfumed flowers that look like foxgloves) any that are grafted, maybe wont flower, they dont really flower till they are well matured but I would say, worth the wait, find out more about the growers of the tree if poss so you know exactly what you are geting, good luck, hope your lucky. WeeNel.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

These trees really do grow fast and really do have pretty flowers and are not grafted or anything. The "too good to be true" part is the bit about them being horribly invasive, which I'm sure the people selling them won't bother to mention to you!

Sydney, Australia

Someone put it in their front yard and in three years you could not see the house anymore! pretty but very was marketed as a timber tree to be planted when you had a baby she would have enough timber for her furniture upon her marriage.The leaves were the size of a dinner plate ...the people chopped theirs down as it dwarfed Jack's beanstalk.PS the seeds cost a fortune at the time:marvelous marketing gimmic.

Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

North Carolina spend big bucks trying to eradicate Palonia (sp?) They spread into areas and crowd out native vegetation...the very definition of invasiveness. If I'm not mistaken, they are difficult to get rid of here because they tend to resprout after being cut down.

Sydney, Australia

Have you seen the seeds ...huge like marbles and I bet that they sprout very easily I don't know what to say about it did live up to what was said would need huge space and be most careful about picking up every seed I think.Oh I forgot to say it required a great deal of water due to those big soft I suppose that could be a big problem unless you have your own dam or private sauce...if you can imagine what happens to say pumpkin leaves on hot dry days that is how it was and the lady of the house was constantly watering it.I drove past it several times a day and it did grow like that magic beanstalk.Oh and one other thing the flowers were at the top of the tree...right on the tip..nowhere else.I am curious do you think you will grow it?

Plano, TX

will i grow it? well now that i read it needs lots of water i sure won't--i live in texas --we are flooding and raining every day for the last 6 weeks but this is just crazy weather--we don't get a lot of rain and last year had a bad drought--the summer lasts forever and the days are in high 90's or 100's for months at a time--no-i will have to pass on a tree that would have me out watering it every day--not to mention that we are not allowed to water every day!! thank you all for the info--it is starting to sound a little like jack and the bean stalk the way it grows so quick!!!!

Sydney, Australia

Aaaaawwwweee I feel awful- but I think you have made the right choice.Why don't you start a thread to ask folk for suggestions...tell them what things that you would like in a tree and throw it open ...I am sure many will help...once again sorry to have shattered your dream........but not all fairy tales have a happy ending.....I am sure someone will have a brilliant idea...good luck.

Plano, TX

i went to the garden watchdog and looked up the company that has the add--this being before i asked for help in this thread---oh my goodness! that company has some very angry ex customers! people getting dead trees, no trees, etc --along with rude employees and no chance of getting a refund!!! if i were to get the trees-which i won't be doing--i would go to another source-----i like giving our local places my money better anyhow----

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