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Need garden rooms design help with sloped Florida yard .....

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)


It was suggested I post my dilemma here on this forum. I am transforming my once plain backyard into what I would like to become numerous garden rooms. I'm doing all the work myself and am on a really tight budget. I've done quite a bit already, but have now come to a complete stop in my yard because I am at a loss of what to do with my sloping backyard.

My desire is to have several garden rooms throughout my backyard. I have already put into place the bordering bed frames and plants around the fence and house, but I now wish to fill-in the rest of the yard. The slope is really causing a problem. I can not afford to pay to have dump truck loads of dirt brought in, so I need a way to work with the slope to obtain the garden rooms I would like to incorporate into my backyard.

My problem isn't doing the actual garden beds and "rooms", but how to lay out my backyard so that it compliments all the other existing beds within the vicinity of those desired rooms. I can't decide whether I want walkways around additional beds or make more large beds or more smaller beds or to make them square, rectangular, free-form, or circular ..... or what? I just can't put it together on paper or in my head. All I know is that I want garden "rooms". Which would probably mean paths or walkways from one area to another. I am just at a loss as how to separate and layout the rooms from each other. I am thinking one area for butterflies, one for hummers, one for bird and squirrel watching, one area as a sitting area to play checkers/chess, one for a wooden swing or hammock, one area for relaxing and sitting on a bench by the water/fountain containers, etc. Shaded areas and sunny areas. Like walking down an unknown path to find different discoveries behind each corner or around each bend. I want to use arbors, fencing, trellises, etc. to separate areas from each other like living walls and doorways.

Does that make sense? My main problem is the slope in the yard. That is what has me really stumped. Ideas? I'd love to hear any suggestions!!! My yard isn't that big, but I've known people with smaller yards do something similar and it is so amazing!!! It is like a "Secret Garden". My absolute favorite garden book is "Gardening in Small Spaces" by Taunton Press. It's all about garden "rooms". But most yards in the book don't have a sloped yard to work with. :-/

I need some workable solutions and a workable layout for my entire backyard. Here is a drawing of what currently exists in my backyard. I haven't done the patio area yet, because I haven't decided what "flooring" material to use .... mulch, pavers, cobble stone, combo of several materials, etc. My budget is tight! So inexpensive materials is what I need to consider.

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