Reiger Bengonia HELP!

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Hello all,
I am posting this in a few different spots in hopes I get a fast answer as I know this is time sensitive (I think)!

I got a Reiger Begonia Today at Lowe's on the clearance rack. The sign said $3.47, the tag said $7 and the computer said $28! LOL

I got it for $2.00 which would be an awesome and happy tail, but the "employee" that picked it up out of the cart to get the tag off of it broke more than half of 1 on the three plants off that where in it!!

They are all Reiger Begonias and where all different colors! Beautiful! The piece that he broke off had a huge bed of flowers on it and more growing on the stock!

My daughter had eyeballed it the other day when we where in there looking and I told her that maybe they would mark it down and but in the clearance rows. She got all excited and said, "YEAAHH then it would be a good deal and we can get it, it is my favorite and I would be really happy to have it!"

I was amazed they did but there it was, and the part that he broke off was the part that she eyeballed and the reason she had picked it! I told the guy it was the only one, and he said well I guess it is a $2 plant now!

I just looked at him! LOL I know he did not mean to break it off, but still!

Anyway, Can I root the part that got broke off?
Should I use "Take Root" cuttings starter?
Should I just stick it in water?
Or should I just stick it back in the dirt?

I just am not sure about cuttings!! LOL I brought back some cuttings from my Grandmothers Geraniums and stuck them in water and they all died!

I have some plant tape and a steak (sp, or wrong kind of steak anyway! LOL), so I can wrap and steak the two broke steam pieces back together and maybe it will grow back!

I did the same thing to a Snapdragon and Salvia and it worked! LOL

Thanks for your help!

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Well I just dipped them in rooting starter (Take Root) and keeping them wet and so far so good!

Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

How big (long) are the pieces? If they are too big, they will start to wilt as there is too much plant material to keep alive with no roots. A cutting should have no flowers or f;w. buds on it as this takes too much energy from the plant. make the stem so that there are about 3 or 4 leaf sets on it. remove the bottom 2 sets of leaves. If the leaves are big, remove the third set or at least one of them. Basically, you only need 2 or 3 leaves, but the stem should be abt. 4 inches long. If the leaves are bigger than your palm, you can cut the leaf in half. Dip it in the rooting medium, flick off the excess(if a powder), then stick it into a nice potting mix. The soil should be moist and not allowed to dry out. If you can cover the cutting with some sort of glass, (I've used a measuring cup before) so the leaf won't dry out. Then you should mist the leaves to keep them moist since there are no roots to keep them moist. If you have a big enough piece, you can try different methods( a piece in a glass of water.)
Good luck!

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Well thank you!

The pieces are not very big, there was only like 1-2 inches on the smallest pieces. The Piece with the flowers was closer to 2-3 inches but not a lot longer.

They have been in the dirt for 5 days now and have not turned brown yet so I hope that is a good thing! LOL

I did not cut off the flowers but I will tomorrow. I thought that cutting the flowers off would cause them more stress!

I can't tell if they are any better now, or are starting to die. All I know is that the leaves have not turned brown yet! LOL

Thank you for your help!

Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

DON'T FORGET to mist them. Very important as the plant has no roots. good luck.

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