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Midsummer planting

I have about 13 large pots in my garden which I filled with petunias earlier in spring. They look a little sad now, and I'd like to replace them. What flowers can I plant at this time of year? I'm having a lot of company in about 3 weeks, so I want it to look nice.

Mays Landing, NJ(Zone 7a)

By this time of the year, your only options would be from what is still locally available for you to buy. You didn't say why your petunias look sad, but if you pinch them back, some could recover and resume blooming.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I agree with Daphnecat, it is rather late for planting now, unless you can get some plants that are in bud and still in pots, get your Patunias into a slightly shadier place and feed them, cut of every dead/wilting flower you can find, this is like your plant are in the hospital for a week, it will give them a chance to rest, recover and rejuvinate, then place them back into the sunshine again, you will be amazed at the recovery, it might take a bit longer than a week, but they should recover, give them liquide feed as these plants will be all root and less soil from when you first planted them, a sign that they are tired and need feeding and rest. Failing that, go to the garden shop/centre and look out for some larger plants like lilys, pot marigolds, anything in pots that are not too open, not worked hard to flower just yet and feed them, water them and give them extra care and attention, as three weeks is a long time in a bedding plants life cycle, cant think of any seeds that will come though and flower for you at this late stage and just 3 weeks, I've cheeted before in your situ and got some green plants that can go into the garden later, but at the time, I just added a few artificial flowers to the greenery, unless they want to go touch the plants. from a distance it looked great, just dont go for tulips or things that are way out of season, I did confess as they were being admired so much and I had decided not to plant bedding that year as we get such unclimant weather sometimes in summer and my plants dont get to produce a good show due to the short season, dont know your zone so dont know which plants would suit, but restoration of your Patunias sound like the best and safest bet. good luck WeeNel.

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