african daisys not blooming

San Diego, CA

Hey everyone!
my african daisy has completely stopped flowering :(
It was root bound and I repotted it into a larger pot 2-3 weeks back..... and after that its not bloomed more than 2-3 flowers. The plant is healthy and growing greens like crazy! its filled my bigger pot and I have no clue what to do.
I want to cut it down a little bit ie trim the branches, but i dont know how much to do.
I am looking for some help please....

Barnesville, GA(Zone 8a)


It's been my experience that African violets like to be pot bound; repot only when absolutely necessary. Also, it is quite common that you have to pull off the bottom leaves periodically; new ones come quickly.

Now, the flowering question: does it get enough light? It needs a daily dose of bright light. Are you occasionally feeding it with African violet food? Are you picking off spent blooms before they turn to seed?

Also, note that African violets go through cycles; they bloom, they rest and grow leaves, then they bloom again. Be patient.

Good luck.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'm assuming you mean Osteospermum? I think there might be a few other plants that go by the name African Daisy but that's the one I'm familiar with. They typically bloom in cooler weather, mine do the majority of their blooming in the late winter, spring, and maybe into the early part of summer. They'll flower sporadically throughout the summer too, but the hotter the weather they less they bloom. Also when you transplant things, they'll often forget about blooming for a while, first they'll put out new roots, then probably some new green growth, then maybe they'll think about blooming again. So you put those two things together and I'm not really surprised that your plant's not blooming right now. It may give you a few more blooms from time to time this year, but I would expect a lot more from it next spring.

San Diego, CA

Yes Ecrane and Kator!
The plant I am talking abt is the Osteospermum. Sorry to confuse you kator, I didnt know its sci. name till now!
Thanks for updating me with the blooming times and the other plant details Ecarne! I guess its going to be a long wait to see those bright flowers again!

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