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kotgarh, India

Guys, Where can one get a complete list fo companion planting ..... Im looking at planting about 8 acres of various vegetables and Im not used to growing lesser quantities of diff vegetables . So far Ive been growing pn a larger area but I plant few vegetables and thousnads of plants for each , eg 10000 plants of cherry tomatoes , 15000 plants of Zucchini , i dunno how much of iceberg and stuff .

But now Ive gotten a direct clientele and am going back to growing a larger range thus lesser quantities . Just wondering wether companion planting wud be beneficial .


Saylorsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Both these sites are very useful for info on companion planting. The first one gives a lot of detail:

This second site has an actual list which I have printed out and add to as I get more info. I consult this list every year when I start to set out my veggies:

Sheffield, United Kingdom(Zone 7b)

They are good links gardadore, lots of interesting information in the first one.

Another companion plant I use to attract insects is Phacelia Tanacetifolia. It is also good for ground cover that you can dig in if you can bear to lose those beautiful blue flowers and ferny leaves. It is very easy to grow and produces lots of seeds for next year. The bees adore it.

Gilbert, AZ

khaadu75, do you have a mild winter where you are in India? I'm asking because I'm in Arizona and different veggies have different seasons to plant based on the heat. That effects what you can use as a companion plant. For example, we can grow melons here in the summer, but it is too hot for nasturtiums and radishes at that time.

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