organic feeding without water

Boerne new zone 30, TX(Zone 8b)

I usually use hasta grow to feed all my plants. Love what happens when I use it. BUT ... no way anything in my yard needs more water! But they are looking like with ALL the water they have gotten that they are missing something. Especially the flowers... I have loads of leaves on everything but not much has flowered like it usually does. I know some of the reason is heat (we haven't had what we usually do by now) but I have also usually fed stuff a couple of times by now and with all the water I have't fed at all this season.

Any ideas?

Metro DC, MD(Zone 7a)

How about throwing some alfalfa pellets down around your plants?

Boerne new zone 30, TX(Zone 8b)

thank you. I hadn't thought about that.

Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

sometimes excessive rain interferes with the plants taking up nutrients, and they look like they have a nutrient deficiency. when the water levels return to normal so will the plants

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

In sandy soil, nutrients can certainly get washed away quickly. A quick foliar feed like fish emulsion (diluted!) can help. I think the alfalfa pellets are a good idea too; but you also want something for potash (like wood ash) and phosphorus (side dressing w/ rock phosphate, maybe). In my heavy clay, nutrients stay around forever.

But I agree w/ Len123 that giving the plant time to recover first is the best course.

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