take the plunge?

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

all this talk of brugs gets me so excited, and makes me want to grow them. i've been resisting, although i'm not sure why. should i cave in and do it? if so, what type should i begin with?

Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

any and all : )
i have rooted insignis pink i could send for postage if youre ready to try. let me know

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

I can't wait for Brugman's answer to this! KD, in your zone most will come back from winter and get bigger the next year, especially wider. i would say cave, today.

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

well i know of yellow ones and pink ones. what others are there? i'm sure they're all beautiful...


B.aurea Culebra, HG, B.butterfly, and Insignis gold or B.Isabella in that order would be my top 3 pics-4th pick would be white or yellow wild aurea's if one was going to hybridize...Knightii would be great to have as well if one was going to hybridize....Of course, besides the yellow ones, pink ones, etc...there are 6 species of Brugmansia and litterally hundred of hybrids to chose from between the different species....Kind of like going to wal-mart and seeing a T.pachanoi labeled cacti? Might as well just label everything plants. When we opened up a plant book we would see pictures and then a title saying plant. If you would like to purchase plant then enter code.... But sir, you did get "plant" didn't you? Or you did get cacti?....Dazed and confused as always....

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Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugmansia: Would my knightii cross well with the flava hybrid?


Flava will cross with arborea, vulcanicola, or sanguinea hybrids. Knightii is a candida or versicolor x aurea hybrid so it would cross well with aurea, versicolor, or suaveolens type hybrids.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugmansia: Forgot to say how happy us Canadian girls are that you like Canadians. We're working on some special brugs for you.


Brugcrazzy, Thanks bunches...I am letting a few more hybrids out here soon from my patch and if I can get a Canadian to take em in I would be glad to send two of my hybrids up that way...or just some more cuttings of my named hybrids. Had to stop putting pollen on flowers today as my wife was complaining we never have flowers for longer than a day....So, in effect I am taking a gamble...have a seedling blooming for the first time very soon..within 48 hours... that I want to cross to a new hybrid of mine....Very petite bloom, velvety calyx, and velvety leaves...flower is just a tad bit larger than the wild white aurea, but still very tiny and dainty looking...most likely this cross will give me seedlings that will need to be crossed back to their parents before I get anything worth keeping though...have to see if I get any color in it before I can get my imagination fully in gear....Course, this seedling is one of a few I planted in my yard for lucks sake and not one out with the field grown Brugmansia....Sure hope I don't jinx myself...I love the smaller flowers, aurea type hybrids of course...super strong fragrance...heres hoping....

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Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

We would be glad to take them in. Still waiting for Arlene's package, hopefully it gets through. Liz had one confiscated by agriculture. If they're not on to us, we'll be ok, otherwise we can probably make alternate arrangements. Love you guys from Florida.

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