Houseplant that has babies grow off the leaves?

I saw this plant in Texas, and it resembled a Jade if i remember correctly. But it would grow babies off the leaves with little root. Does anyone out there know of this plant? Or how i can get some.? Thank You. I am new to this and haven't yet figured out how to list my stuff to trade. Hopefully I catch on soon.

Southampton, MA(Zone 7a)

The plant you are inquiring about is called "Piggyback (Tomiea Menziesii). I started one just's such a happy little plant.

Brownville, NY(Zone 4a)

Sounds more like a of the "Mother of Thousands" that many consider a weed.

Never-the-less I would love some if any one out there has any.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)

Hi all,

May I pls. clarify --

the Tolmeia (Piggy Back plant) gets small babies on top of their leaves (just above where the mother leaf's stem joins the plant); I've never seen the babies show any roots. These are moisture loving plants (maybe tropical?)

the Brophypyllum Daigremontiana or Kalanchoe Daigremontiana (commonly the Mother of Thousands, or as Jon D said Mother of Millions) gets baby plantlets off the outer edges of its leaves, often w/ tiny roots attached. These are succulents & as such only like ample water are certain times of the year.

HTH = Hope this helps.

Fairchild Air Force , WA(Zone 7a)

The Piggyback Plant is native to the cool temperate or mild rain forest zones of the Pacific Northwest (Western Washington, Oregon, Vancouver British Columbia), and down into Northern California, growing wild under the canopy of trees like ferns. It likes full to partial shade, not direct sun. It relishes the cold, humidity, and moisture. Its enemy is hot, dry air. I used to have one & it did not like our arid climate. It's doing much better at my friend's house in Western Washington.

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

I have a plant like that. It makes babies on the outter edge then they drop off and grow into another mother plant. I call it a pregnant plant. It is a succulent.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi Busybee,
Sandy here...wanna do a little trading for some of those little babies. I've never seen the plant before but it sounds really neat and I am always looking for new houseplants. it is one area that I am always lacking in

Tremont, IL(Zone 5b)

I've always heard it called a 'Piggyback' plant, it is a succulent & I have gobs of them. I've even had 2 of them bloom. Send me an email if you would like some or would like to trade.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)

Dear HostanQuilts (*Hi quilter*, I'm a quilter too, LOL, small world).

These are 2 different plants as I said above, one is succulent & one is tropical (but not succulent).

Anybody wanting the plant w/ the plantlets on the edges (Bryophyllum or Kalanchoe daigremontiana) & related varieties. I have a lot of these babies to spare (of several different kinds). If interested pls. EM me privately.

Will do for postage & can even add some Callisias & Setcreaseas I'm also looking to move out). Swap interest would be Hoyas (other than H. carnosa).

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