Unusual seeds for trade only

Campinas, Brazil(Zone 9b)

I live in Brazil. So, please no sasbe requests.
I have (10 seeds of each only):
Leucadendron Tinctum
Leucadendron Album
Leucadedron Sessile
Erica Bauera
Erica Glandulosa
Erica Plukenetti
Eria Bacans

Looking for:
Saponaria Ocymoides
Ruellia brittoniana
Adenophora (any)
Trailing Antirrhinum
Impatiens Jungle Gold
Malope Trifida
Abutilon Vitifolium


Santiago, Chile(Zone 9b)

Dear Antonio,

I have several Adenophora sp. seeds that you can have. They are beautiful, but I must warn you they can become VERY invasive. You do not only have to deadhead them in time, but also keep them confined in a container in order to keep control of the 'running roots'.

What do you mean by 'Trailing antirhhinum'? Asarina scandens? If so, I can supply you with seeds of the violet-blue one with a white throat and the mauve-pink variety (gorgeous!).

In exchange I would like to have a large mail telling me about your life during the time you were not active at DG and pictures of your lovely grandson.

Big bear hug,


Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

babalu, as I have just harvested some seeds from my Abutilon vitifolium I am happy to send you some.

I have one seed pod from the blue one, with 44 good seeds in, one more pod nearly ready.

I also have a white one which was supposed to be blue, which is also very pretty and I have 6 good pods from that so far, haven't counted the seeds though!

I grew mine from seed and they are very easy to grow. I don't really need any of the seeds you are offering, I tried Erica coccinea from finebushpeople in SA but they didn't grow, if I could get that I would be very pleased!

Thumbnail by wallaby1
Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

Antonio.... I just harvest some seeds from Ruellia brittonia. The colors are all mixed together. There are some pink, blue and white.

Your welcome to some.

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Im from Sweden I have looks for a plant or seed to

Thyme var. broadleaf
Coleus amboinicus.
and a greygreen Thyme with big and thick leaf. Grow to a big sturdy plant of about to 1 metre high.

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