Is coleus poisonous to cats?

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

I am having trouble finding an answer to this question online. I am interested in growing some of my coleus as houseplants this winter, but I recently obtained two cats and don't yet know how interested they will be in eating houseplants.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

I don't know the answer to your question, but neither of my 2 cats showed any interest in my coleus in the house. And I did see a green leaved, pungent scented variety of coleus for sale at a local greenhouse they called "Scat-Cat", as it was said to repell cats from the garden. They often just seem to "know" to leave certain plants alone, so it could have something to do with toxicity. As popular as both coleus and cats are, I think more info would be readily available if it is much of a concern. Good luck finding answers, curious now myself.

Stockholm, Sweden

I have two longhaired persian cats (4 and 5 years old) and also lots of coleus, they have never eaten a bite of any coleus - but outside the house they often eat some grass (for stomach problems with hairballs), nut nothing else vegetarian.

Well, sometimes they accidentally tear down a plant pot from the window sill, but that's another

One of my cats - Roxanne - playing with a straw last summer....

Thumbnail by alice_sunn
Almere, Netherlands

no problem at all. Coleus is not poisonous and cats don't eat them anyway.


Portland, TX(Zone 9a)

Alice--what a pretty kitty and such a cute picture.

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Great photo Alice. What a darling cat!


Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you both, yes she's a darling when she plays with straws.

Here's other one called Silvi - both are females. Roxanne is a gold persian, Silvi is... yes, a silver persian. We was planning to baptize the golden one 'Goldie', but she said her name load and clear "Roooxxxannnnnn" the first time she met us, so....couldn't call her anything else.

Gold & silver goes well with coleus colors

Thumbnail by alice_sunn
Portland, TX(Zone 9a)

Isn't she precious!!!! Such a pretty little kitty. Both of your cats are beautiful. Oh yes to gold and silver going well with coleus.

BTW, when are you going to plant your new coleus bed, Alice? I want to see pictures. I love the shape of it and think it will look really great with coleus planted in it. Can't wait to see it.


Stockholm, Sweden

thanks a lot!
I will be out travelling next week, but when I come home the first thing I will do is to put as many coleus candies as possible in this bed and take photos for you to see.

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