coffee filter/baggy method for seeds

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Please someone I need help. I received seeds in the mail today. Some asked for soaking overnight. I have no problem with that. Some mention using the coffee filter/baggy method. I have no idea what this is. Can anyone help.



Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, lost in texas,

Here's an excerpt from the Seed Site

You will find complete instructions from the link if you scroll down the page about half way. If you are interested in learning more about seed starting The Seed Site is an excellent resource for more info:

A quotation from The Seed Site:

1 ~ Take a piece of paper towel, fold it in half, then half again, so you have a square. Fold it again, but open out this fold.
2 ~ Sprinkle water on the paper towel so it is slightly damp all over, not wet.

3 ~ Write the name of the plant and the date on a plant label and put it in the middle of the square, with one edge of the label on the middle fold.

4 ~ Put the seeds on the same side as the label.

5 ~ Fold the paper towel over the seeds.

6 ~ Put it in a plastic bag, and close the bag loosely.

You can put several paper towels in one plastic bag. You can write the name of the seeds on the paper towel if you like, but I found it became illegible after a while. I keep mine in the kitchen, but anywhere inside will do.

Check periodically, and when they have germinated, move them to a pot.

Abilene, TX(Zone 7b)

Hey Tabasco,

I see you in the butterfly thread all the time. Thank you so much for that information. I had no idea what they were talking about and I was getting a little desperate. Great information and I really appreciate it. I am guessing this works for all kinds of seeds that need to be soaked or are just hard to germinate.

Thanks again.


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This is the info i got last night from Tricia from the Garden Exchange (I just bought some seeds there)

This is a fantastic way to make Seeds Germinate Quickly.. I call it the coffee filter/Baggie tip. This is the only one I use! Here's what I do:

1) With masking tape and a Sharpie waterproof marker, mark a ziplock baggie with seed type, date, and any info about germ temps/stratifying/light required.

2) Wet a coffee filter, then squeeze out excess moisture so it is just damp, not wet.

3) Imagining it as a pie, sow your seeds on 1/4 of the pie, then fold filter in half, then in half again. Your seeds should have one layer of filter on one side, three layers on the other.

4) Place the folded filter into the ziplock back, puff a little air in the baggie, then seal, leaving it just slightly puffed, not completely flat.

5) Place in warm place to germinate or in a Tupperware container in the fridge for cold start, and wait....

Check baggies every few days, and remoisten as needed. Even if one doesn't appear to need remoistening, don't let them go over a week without opening them up for some fresh air. If you want, use a mister bottle with 1:20 hydrogen peroxide:water to help prevent mold and mildew from forming. You could use chamomile tea too if that is what you currently use. For seeds that need light, keep them with the single layer of filter up, and in bright light, though not direct sunlight. If they need dark, put in a drawer or cupboard Below are other good tips but I prefer this one. On hard shelled seeds such as Morning Glory, Pride Of Bar. And other hard seeds wait for a few days so roots can form then plant. For softer seeds I only use the baggie/coffee filter for 1 day. I get almost 100% germination on all my seeds with this method!


Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, Flutter, what is the Garden Exchange? Just wondering....

I like the "Deno Method" (using the baggies and filters or paper towels) when I don't do wintersowing. (Dr. Deno was a researcher/professor at Penn State, and he came up with the process.)

Here's some more info and discussion on using this method for seed starting.

And there are several threads on DG discussing the pros and cons of it.

Port Saint Lucie, FL(Zone 9b)

I don't know the rules on this site about promoting other places. i just know I ordered seeds and she told me where to get the directions on her baggie method. G-mail me

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks, Maydreams,

I googled Garden Exchange. And, I see it's a Gardenweb site. ---It's OK to mention other sites on Dave's. t.

Greensboro, AL

Wow! So great to have all this information in one place. Thanks, everybody. With this and the winter sowing site (
its just about everything you need to know.

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Hi I think the coffee filter/baggie method you ask about must be from me so here is the link to it with pictures.

Long Beach, CA

Just what I needed. Thanks

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