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Need to share my excitement !!!!

Springfield, OH(Zone 6a)

A fellow DGer gave me a Datura at a RU, I had never heard of them until nosing around on Daves.I didn't really think much of it, just stuck it in the ground, and watched, and thought as it grew, that is interesting.
I took my dog out this morning, and I smelled perfume, odd, where is that smell coming from?
I turned to see a very large lovely white flower, sniffed at it, and OMG!!!!! That's it ! my goodness, I had to take a moment to ponder the magic of the moment. I'm in LOVE!! LOL !
If any of you good people have info, I know a few things from Plantfiles, and lurking your forum, please share your knowledge!
Can I grow them in pots, and how do they fare? Collect seed? When would I start the seed, Where do I get plants/ seed? Oooo, so many questions. I know they are poisonous. I don't let doggie run the garden alone. Any info would be helpful and appreciated !! or just share in my excitement!!
Thanks, Sandy

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