Impatiens Cutting Back?

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Hello all,
Ok I was wondering if you can "cut back" an impatiens plant? Mine was looking beautiful and smelling great, and then I forgot to water it for two day and wham-o! LOL The first day I forgot, and the second it had rained so I thought it got a good soak and forgot to check it before I went to bed to make sure!

Well Sad to say that in the morning when I checked it it was dry as a bone and had lost half its leaves!! HUUUUH :((

Anyway it has perked back up, but now looks leggy. I can see where some/a few new leaves are coming back but it is not as nice and pretty as it was!

I know it needs to be repotted to help with the moister problem, which was not a problem until this week! LOL

But I am not sure if I can "cut it back" a little? There are no new leaves on the longer steams, but ones coming out from the bottom, and a few new sprouts.

Will it kill it if I cut it back a little? Maybe down to the next to top leave set? Which is not more than an inch I don't think. But I know if I cut all the leaves off of it it can't breath and I will kill it! LOL

Also can I bring it in in the winter? Do they do well as house plants? I know some don't and have an odor once inside!

Thanks for the help!

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Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

pinching them back shouldn't be a problem, then give it a shot of the miracle groe ultra bloom or any high middle # (phosphorous) water soluable fert. As this will promote new growth and a lot of new flower buds.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Ok! But how far back to I cut them?

To the lowest leaf? To the Dirt?

And do I do it a few at a time or all at once?

Can I bring it inside in the winter, and then move it back out side?

Dallas, GA(Zone 7b)

I can't kill impatiens, so I might not be the right one to answer, but in my experience you can cut them down pretty far. if you want to be safe, just cut back 50% or so. Also, they do fine for me in the house. I always have a couple of tiny ones on window sills and I bring a larger pot or two into the house every winter. They do fine in the bathroom with some other house plants and a bit of artificial lighting to supplement the one small window. Like all other plants, they might need a bit of time to adapt, though.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

HUM well thank you!! I will work on mine tonight! It just makes me sick I killed it off like that! LOL

Thanks again!

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