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Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Hello All,
I just was messing around on the site and came across a very old string about hanging bags/pouches. I can't even tell you how I got there! LOL (I will post this in Containers as well)

It looks like a green bread bag that you hang on your fence and plant things in. It has holes (about 6 I think) up the side. (I know this is probably not a great discription but I am trying and can't find the old post to link to! LOL) But man they look beautiful!

Someone on ht old post talked about a pattern for making one and I was wondering if anyone HAD made one? Does anyone have any info on making one, and where to get the material?

WOO WOO Ok I just re-found the link here it is, if you want to see pics! http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/435298/

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi txflower, yes we have these hanging flower pouches as we call them here in UK, but to be honest, they have never been that great a success here as they have a problem of drying out too quickly and they are hard to water without getting water everywhere including on yourself, I found I had to remove them from their hanging hook and stick them into a tub of water for hours to really soak them once they got too dry, then as you heard from someone else, they get really heavy when wet, so for me, they are extra work I dont need, but hey, for someone who lived in an apartment and had nothing else to water and care for, they would be ideal, bring a good bit of colour into there veranda or balconey, but for me and the area of land I already have to care for, they are totaly unpractical for the reasons I said, but you should always give things a try, how would we know if they dont work, we are all different in our aproach to growing, so good luck, hope it works for you as in the adverts for them, they look like the best thing since sliced bread. WeeNel.

Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

You can probably by the bags at Home Depot or Lowe's. I worked at HD in the spring, and we had them. abt. $.75 ea for the empty bag. You fill the bag with your growing medium, (soilless mix with moisture gel would be best for water retention/ light weight) put your seedlings in the holes, leave it on its side for abt. 2 weeks for the roots to grab, then hang. And Weenel is right, they dry out fast. But in certain places, they look good. Vesey's has saddle bags which would go over a railing with flowers on both sides of the railing, like a saddle bag. (and the other bags too)


Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Well those are cool! I have a deck so the saddles would be wonderful!

I understand about the watering thing! I thought maybe you could get some PVC (plastic) pipe and drill holes in it to make a small "French Drain" type section and after you put that in the middle of the bag and filled in and planted you could water through, or using that pipe.

Awyway it sounds good in and right in my head! LOL

Thanks for the ideas I will have to play around with these thoughts this winter and go for it next year I guess! LOL

I also thought about giving them away as Christmas or Mothers Day presents with plants in one and well going!

Thanks again for yyour thoughts and help!

Does anyone know of any winter plants you could put in them?

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