Journal, Feb 7th, 2001

Morning All! I've got my black socks on today (because I'm all out of clean white ones) and will be planting the rest of my peas. Today is the full moon!! Plant those above-ground producing peas today. ;-)

Also planning on tilling Trish's main flower garden today. Going to dig up one of the big 40 year old Nandinas in preparation for the transplant to our house in Atlanta on the 14th.

Also, as usual, lots of work on DG!


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Wow Dave, a 40 year Nandina, impressive! Another beautiful day here today. It should get into the high 70's. I will also be planting my pea's today. Hope the tractor gets here today (sigh). Ya'll have a great day! Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

morning everybody,
Can't believe it the sun is shining in my eyes-today a high of 35 with a winter storm warning for tonight and thursday..rain,freezing rain and snow comming...look out east coast your next!
Dave your socks will match your hat today! ;] I luv sitting in the garden and eating fresh peas-hardly ever cook any! Thats what I sent for the edible round robin-lil marvel sweet peas...yummy
Today is much of the same cleaning house and planting more seeds! Going to start some hibiscus this weekend-have to soak the seeds first.
Have a great day everyone,

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

ok, don't have to tell _everybody_ that I'm a bad housewife, and you don't have any clean socks!!!!!!


Methinks I need to purchase more white socks - that's the problem. It's hard to keep up with me and my Rapid Clean Sock Consumption Disorder. ;)

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

trish-I hate doing socks-I leave the 2 teenagers n hubbys in a basket and they can match them! I do mine and the lil guyz!
I dont wash them till I run out!!! hehehe Or throw them in with jeans so you have blue tinted socks till the next load of bleached ones! =]
Dave wear a black shirt today you will look fine! ;]
earnhart would be GREAT! #3 #8-we luv nascar

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Ya' know Trish, we have the same sock thing going on here. (DH is a landscaper) My mom gives him a mega pack of socks every year for Christmas...but noooo, can he open them up and use them??? I HATE the sock thing. And Dave, boy you should be in the dawg house....the whole world knows now...bad Dave, baaaad Dave! hee, hee, Lisa

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Hailed yesterday evening for about 20 minutes. Little tiny things (less than 1/4 inch) compared to hail that pelters in other areas of the country... but for us, it was quite a novelty. I must be a bad mom, as my poor DS has never seen snow (that he can recall - he was a baby when we last went), and he got all excited thinking it was snowing. He and the dogs had a great time chasing it and eating it in mid-air. (Hope there we're *too* many polutants in it!)

Lisa, sending these thoughtwaves out: Bring tractor to Lisa, Bring tractor to Lisa...

Ok, even though it's pretty late in the season here, maybe I should plant peas, too. Y'all are making me hungry!

Take care.


Bring tractor to Lisa... Bring tractor to Lisa....

PS My husband is a diesel mechanic and swears that our drier is really a "one-side-only" sock eater... I tend to agree...

Chattahoochee, FL

You folks wear matching socks????? I enjoy driving Sweetie nuts by wearing mis-matched ones. She simply can't see the logic that it makes no difference under boots.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

I buy the exact same socks for Dave every time. That way, I don't have to spend an hour trying to match them. Either they are black or white. Course, that doesn't help if they aren't clean!

Dan: yep, you are surely driving "Sweetie" nuts! LOL!


southeast, NE

Good day! Interesting post! My dh always wears matching socks because he always wears the black socks that he picks up by the dozens. Now I am the one that wears mismatched socks. When dd was younger, pre white sock days, she always wore socks that matched her outfits. For some reason those socks seem to last forever so I wear pink, purple and red socks. I do usually try to put on different socks when I "go to town" but forget and dd will look down at my feet and roll her eyes. I tell her I do it just to embarass her.

Anyways - it's turning nasty out. Temp is in 30's but feels lot colder and it's spitting sleet. I just came in from outside - found a whoops that had the cutest little speckled lamb. She's a whoops because we didn't think she was bred - hardly has any bag although she has milk. I did keep questioning dh about her cause I thought she was fat but dh said nah - she's just a big framed ewe with lots of wool. Seems I must know something. Had a hard time moving her with the lamb to the barn. She had it outside and didn't want to leave the spot where she lambed. Lamb was chilled a little but seems to be doing fine. You all have a good day!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I spent the day at Powell Gardens today. I washed pots-mostly gallon size-and removed seeds from
Blue Stem Grass and Rattlesnake Master. Brought home quite a lot of 'spent' potting soil and a few cracked or broken pots that I think I can get some use from. My supervisor gave me a darling little Teddy Bear succulant but I forgot and left it there. I won't go back til the last Wednesday of this month because my supervisor is going to Florida for vacation.
Picked up the new right rear wheel bearing assembly on the way home today. We'll start on that project tomorrow. We have a long trip coming up on Saturday and DH is concerned the one on the van now is liable to not get us there and home again.
I think we all feel well enough to go to church tonight. DH's lasered eye still hurts pretty badly but he refuses to use warm or cold packs.
Have a great day(evening)everyone.

Pisgah Forest, NC

Man to man: Gee, your socks match!
Woman to Woman: Gee, your socks match your shirt!

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