Faux painting for stone look

Appleton, WI

I'm refinishing my basement on a budget (who isn't on a buget these days) I think I would like to paint one wall to look like stone. I'm not sure what look I'm going for ... field stone, more "block'y" or a just a plastered look. My son painted a tree - bare as in a winter scape - on one wall and I would like to keep that there. I have no idea how to incorporate it into the scheme of things. It only takes up part of the wall, I will need to do something to the rest of the wall. At one time I was hoping to make it look like a roof top but decided I didn't really have enough skill. We are putting down a laminate floor with a stone finish so I am not sure if a stone wall is too much stone or not. Any ideas?

Savannah, TN(Zone 7a)

If you're a good artsy type...you can try to create maybe a "barn door" effect...similar to the stone/stucco type barns seen in English countrysides. Use of plaster and some wood textures...not hard to do with some paint. Make the "door" face out to the bare-tree that your son painted..to match in with it.

Or another completely different idea...which we are going to do in our master bedroom. We collect alot of Renaissance stuff from fairs and stuff we go to..and want to make the bedroom into a medieval castle effect. We plan on using rough 1x4 lumber and the newer sheeted rock siding that alot of folks are using these days...it will be cut and fit to look like a timber frame wall with the rock in the center areas. It's actually fairly cheap to do and gives you that real textured effect. Assuming you used the 1x4's as baseboards as well...it would give a nice contrast to your stone finish floor too.

Appleton, WI

I had actually thought about that for the roof-top look. Kind of make it look like the plaster is falling off exposing the stone underneath, right? My concern is that in the basment I'm not sure I can plaster directly over the wall or if I would need to crete a false wall. I get differing opinions.

Frankfort, KY

I suggest you go to Home Depot's paint depart and purchase the book, Decorative Painting 1-2-3. I tells how to use different paint finishes and patterns; i.e., marbleizing and stacked stone. Actually Home Depot has several books on decorative painting.

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