How to test for a natural spring/ or manually dig a well

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HELP!! My 9 month pregnant daughter and her husband are fixing to have a baby and they have bought the land across the street from us, but it took all their money to buy the land and the trailer they will live in. So , unfortunately they do not have a lot and they can not afford to pay the $3,000 they want to put down a well, however We know there is a natural spring right behind their property line.

How can we find out if there is or not and then if there is, how do we go about tapping into it ourselves to run water into the house. If there is not a natural spring , how would we go about testing for a good spot for a well and manually digging it ourselves? My husband said there was a way to test for water by holding some kind of sticks perpendicular to the ground and when the sticks crossed there was water at that given spot. Is that true? and what are these stick things called?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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The tradition is called "witching" or "dousing" and only certain individuals supposedly have the gift. The most common version of the tale is that the witcher walks along slowly, holding a two branched limb - large tree twig - by the ends. When the
main part of the branch suddenly jerks downward, it is supposedly pointing to a water source. Even if it truly works, there is nothing to indicate the quantity or quality of any water to be found there.

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It works and you usually use willow some witcher
like other types of wood I have known men that could use cloths hangers and get it to work most of my family could witch a well but great grand father was the best if there is a spring there you drive a pipe into the spring we usually put a sand point on the end and drove it in

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If you use two straight sticks, or the straight part of clothes hangers, hold them about shoulder width apart and they will come together and cross each other when you pass over a water source.

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