Growing double impatiens from seed

Palm City and Toront, United States

I really love the double white impatiens but can never find them for sale so would like to know some tips for growing them from seed. I am very new to this, so will ask how do I know when these plants have set seed? I have an idea, but some advice from the collective wisdome from this list would be greatly appreciated.

I live in Toronto (zone 5b)

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

For the first time I am trying out double Cemelia mix impatiens seed. I am zone 11 Dominican Republic, temp is; 93f but feels like 99f, humidiy is 63%
Sown May 30th. Top of soil in pot. To wet them stood in and left in shallow dish (small, clear plastic party plates) of water. Placed in front of window gets late afternoon sun. Not covered.
June 1st. (2 days) little white specs all over surface of pot. Used magnifying glass, can see seeds have sprouted white (roots).
O.K. so thats germination in 2 days. To replicate that - if temperature is below mine then use heating mat to stand shallow dish/plate on. That will warm up the water sucked up by the soil in the pot and warm the air around it all.
Beyond this ive yet to find out.

Calgary, Canada

Some years ago, I germinated the doubles under lights and in a warm room.
Good luck---they are really pretty and I think worth the effort.

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