Rose of do I root/ start one from existing plant

Rochester, NY

People mention about how to plant the roots, but I wanted to know how to get it to root from a cutting. Also, I have read about it spreading from the seedlings. How do I do this?


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

To get the Rose of Sharron from cuttings, you need to take a branch that has not flowered this year and cut about 12 inches of this stem from the parent plant, then fill a pot with a sandy mixture of soil and cut/pull off the bottom leaves till you have about 6/8 inch of top leaves and them trim away the bottom stem just under a leaf axel, dip this into rooting hormone and insert this into a pot of the soil mixture, water it and keep in a part shaded area till you know it has grown roots, then nip out the top growing tip to help the plant branch out, when the cutting is large enough, prob in about a year, you set it out in the garden, you can do several cuttings into the one pot and place them around the outer rim of the pot, or from seeds, after flowering, let the seedheads go dry, they usually get really dark/blackish, cut the seedhedd off and gently open it, you will see the dried seeds ready to fall everywhere, either sprinkle them on the garded where you want them to grow, or into a plant pot with a sandy soil mix and cover just in no more, bottom water the pot in a bowl of water till the soil gets dark, this is a sign that the soil mix is wet enough, drain the excess water and place in a sheltered area or indoors till the seedlings are large enough to handle, either single plant the seedlings into larger pots, or into shallow drills out in the garden till they are big enough to go out into the final planting area. good luck, Weenel.

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WeeNel, wondering if I could do this with smoke bush cuttings, too....

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


I have a very, very old Rose of Sharon in my front yard that is about 12 - 15 ft. tall. All the previous year's old seed heads drop off continuously and grow like weeds in my garden. I'm constantly pulling them out. They drive me crazy.

Unless you have a particular reason for growing them from a cutting, why not just plant the seeds? They don't seem to be very fussy and should be very easy to start.


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi msrobin, yes you can do the same with the smoke bush and it will take a wee bit longer to root as it has a tougher stem, but I am talking weeks not months, another way to get new plants is if you peg a stem down into the soil and make a little scrape at the stem where the leaf axel is, it will root, just make a little metal pin like a ladies hair slide and that will keep the stem in place, cover the stem where you made the little scrape with soil and add a cane to support the stem sticking out of the soil above the scrape so it grows upwards, and it will root, just cut it off from the parent plant when you find good rooting has happened. Also Sharon above makes a very valid point about the seeds that fall onto the soil or wherever the birds drop them, they germinate so easily that you may not have to go to all the bother of rooting cutting, but to be honest, there is nothing more satisfying than growing things that you did yourself and it is a good way to learn all about the plants you grow. you can get books from the librery on Propogation of seeds, cuttings etc, and you will be surprised at all the plants you can do, when to do it and what the conditions are that the cuttings need, so have a look, you may find some plants in other places that you can snip a bit from and away you go, it is good idea to take a small polly bag while you gather your cuttings as they dry out very fast and the bag prevents that from happening too quickly, good luck. WeeNel.

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks for all the great info!

My Rose of Saron was given to me this spring as a bareroot, and doesn't have many branches, yet, so was going to leave it alone this year. But I'll sure be collecting seed this fall!

I, also, planted a dormant bareroot smoke bush this spring. It already has a lot of growth and branches, and I have a huge yard! (We are trying to maintain and landscape almost 3 acres as "yard" so have lots of room for bushes.) Just wanted to try rooting a few stems now.

I did get a dozen or so butterfly bush stems and a whole lot of forsythia stems to root. I also dug up a bunch of baby forsythia plants, where stems had touched the ground.


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