Keeping Sweet pea vine at bay

Catonsville, MD(Zone 7a)

I have a small patch of land and the rear of my yard which has been previously landscaped by the former owner of my townhouse (only been here 1 year). The problem is that it is also adjacent to the neighbors patch of land which has not been landscaped and is seriously overgrown. Part of the over growth is a sweet pea vine, which has wildly grown over into my area and has strangled nearly all of the plants in that area. I've cut the vine back drastically and used a vine killing product to kill the roots I was unable to dig up. My area has been cleared but unfortunately the vine grows through out the over grown area adjacent to my garden and I can't kill all of the vine. I am wondering now what is the best method to keep this plant only on it's part of the land? I've thought of putting up a trellis for the vine to climb over at least for a little while but I've read in my research that it's not really a good climber but a seriously ferious ground creeper. If any one has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Dont you just hate those neighbours who dont look out the darn windows to see what mess they create all around them, phew, got that off my chest eh, I dont really know what the sweet pea vine is as lots of different areas call things by different names depending where you are, but if it is what we call the perennial sweet pea, it really is hard to keep in the one place as they seed like the devil also, you are doing the best thing as far as I'm concerned by trying to kill off the roots with killer, not that I like killers by the way, but sometimes thats all you can do, you need to use a weed killer that will take its chemicals right back to the roots so the plant gets weekened and will eventually die, but it may take you a few seasons to get it under some sort of control, but keep at it, also try to keep the plant cut down so it cant set flowers as these also set seeds and they will turn into new plants, can you talk to the neighbours to ask for them to tackle the prob, or even allow you onto there ground to try kill it off, I dont really think there untidy yard is allowed to trouble you this way, so maybe even a word on the phone to the gov dpartment to find out the situation would be helpfull for your speach with the folks next to you. good luck WeeNel.

Catonsville, MD(Zone 7a)

yeah thanks wee I've been doing all that I can. It is the sweet pea perennial, and it does have nice flowers that look nice in arrangements but at the same time it strangles everything in it's path. Double edged sword is that the neighboring area is kind of a common area. Which I can enter and kill at will, but at the same time way too over grown for me to tackle alone:| Plus the forestation just keeps going down the block.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hey, what about an unguarded BBQ, or get acomunity event going, make it a prize for the most Sweat peas that can be cut down and burned, my heart goes out to you really, it aint a joke so forgive me, just keep at it and I feel sure you will get to grips with it, try to watch for the new tender growing tips pop through the soil each spring and blast it with a killer, kepp doing it every couple of weeks and you really will weaken it, good luck. WeeNel.

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