Mum Pruning Terms

Deep South Texas, TX(Zone 9a)

Branching (or taking of the branches) - the removal of extra stems in order to restrict the plant to one, two or more stems. Branching can also apply to removal of the side shoots that appear on stems at various points where the leaves have previously grown on the stem. They are not removed when a "spray" is desired but allowed to remain and have one bud and eventually one bloom on each new growth branch.

Stopping - taking the upper several inches of a stem off the plant in order to delay future vegetative growth of the plant as well as one or more of the remaining stems. Pinching is a method of stopping.

Time pinch - pinching at a precise date in order to have the plant develop a bloom or several blooms at a determined date in the future. Hence, the reason for the 100 day pinch approach to achieve blooms on a particular show date.

Disbudding - the removal of the surrounding buds that develop on a terminal bud in order that only the center bud is allowed to develop one future bloom. You can grow flowers on the first, second, third, or even fourth crown by removing the first, second or third crowns as long as there remains a lateral branch just below that particular crown.

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