Picasa Slide show - Outdoor Kitchens

Novato, CA

wondering if this link will work to the Slide show or if the photo page will come up ?


Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Michele, The slide show was wonderful. You sure do some beautiful designs.


Novato, CA

Thanks Donna,
I've added another slide show of a few gardens.

Will post and test to see if it links.


Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

More WOWS!!!

There were so many different types and shapes of gardens in this slide. Many of them were so simplistic and beautiful to the eye. I love that hill of colorful mounds. I also love the way you use the same plant to guide you through the garden. :-)

Thanks so much for sharing,

Novato, CA

glad that you enjoyed the slide show and that they actually worked.

I learned about Picasa from California Sue.
It's a pretty nice photo hosting site with some nice perks.

free too.

Pearl River, LA

Thank you so much for showing the slide shows. Awesome. shirleyt

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