Brown leaves on squash, tomatoes, and now bush beans

Annapolis, MD

Some of the leaves are turning yellow (mostly squash) -- but my tomato leaves are turning brown and dry....I believe they have had enough water. Bugs? Virus? Mold? I have noted mildew on my squash leaves as well. Some of the squash leaves start turning brown around the very edges first, like a border -- up until 2 weeks ago, it was a giant, thriving, healthy GREEN garden! Everyone commented on how big everything grew and how healthy it was. I could cry!

Janesville, WI

SueGee 1950...
Not to steal your thread but...I have the same problem(I live in Wisconsin) with tomato plants but don't see any mold and this also just started for me a couple of weeks ago. I should mention that my tomatoes are in large pots. I water everyday and I fertilize. Do you use fertilizer on your plants and how often do you water ?

Annapolis, MD

Well, after my post, I did my best to water and feed the garden and then went on vacation for 1 week. It got watered several times while we were away. When I came back, I was happy to see my tomatoes finally turning red, but distressed to see my once vibrant, green, and perky garden, now brown, yellow, and flat. It had been watered several times that week, but to no avail. I think it must have been aphids on the tomatoes or something. Almost ALL the leaves are gone -- brown and dry. I had used Sevin dust twice in the season hoping to avoid the buggers. Now I am going to concentrate on my pumpkin and corn patch....and my pumpkin leaves have those orange-red pseudo-ladybugs on them that EAT the leaves! Now, where did I put my Sevin dust? I have to hand it to the organic gardeners....I think I would starve if I had to depend on an organic garden in my yard for my food. But I'll learn little by little.

Breezewood, PA(Zone 5b)

do you know what kind of bug it is? you can make your own insecticide if you don't like using the sevin dust. this isn't the recipe i use to make mine so not sure how well this one works, but i'll keep looking for my recipe and give this a try in the meantime if i need something. .
Put a bar of Ivory Soap and drop it in two cups of water. Let sit overnight. In the morning, take out what has not dissolved and put the mixture in a spray bottle along with 1/4 cup corn oil. Shake and spray on infested plants.

my tomatoes did the same thing you described, but i haven't seen a single bug so i haven't treated with any pesticides. we have TONS of lady bugs and praying mantises, so that helps out garden immensely. i think for our tomatoes at least, we planted them too closely, mostly because we have limited space and never guessed that they'd grow to twice the size our plants did last year. it's just too dense for them to grow healthy and stay green like they should. are yours close together or well spaced out?

Berkeley, CA(Zone 9a)

I recently posted a similar question. I was told to just cut off the yellowing leaves. All veggies seen to do this at the "end" of the season. The plant doesn't seem to need these beginning leaves and in the case of tomatoes, if you cut off some of the worst leaves, it allows more light to get into the ripening tomatoes.

Breezewood, PA(Zone 5b)

mine don't seem to yellow, just kinda wither and die overnight LOL but cutting off the dead leaves doesn't seem to affect the plant at all, at least not in my case, we still have tons of tomatoes to harvest every day.

Annapolis, MD

Thank you all for your input. My tomatoes are crowded. I put in one of the "square foot gardens" so tomatoes are only 1 foot apart -- and they grew to be taller than I am! My sister in law told me I should have cut them down to no more then 36" -- too much wasted energy growing taller -- but they were not "leggy" they are full and wide with lots of blooms and good-size I am not sure about that. I suppose you could call this "end of season" for the tomato plants -- they already put out their fruit, although much of it is still green -- so I guess they don't need their leaves any longer.

I will try the ivory soap recipe on my pumpkin patch to rid me of those pseudo-ladybugs. Sure is funny how they look so much like ladybugs except they EAT THE PLANTS!
I am so glad I found dave's garden!

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