Golden Silk Spider, Banana Spider, Golden Silk Orbweaver (Nephila clavipes

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

Thumbnail by trois
(Zone 8a)

Beautiful shot!

Sorry about your bite!

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

Not really a problem. Pain gone quickly, no trace today. Much preferred to a chigger bite.
She is now doing her web near my porch.


Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

WOW!! Great picture! I have only seen my spider from the view of my picture! Can't wait till daylight to try and get her from the other side. Although my tummy is fluttering a the thought of trying to get between her and my house in order to see her other side! Haven't gotten that close to her yet! LOL

I have never been a big spider fan... unless you count Spiderman ... but when I saw her about a month ago, I immediately liked her and have had to shoo several "heros" away from her. Today for the first time I saw a smaller spider hanging around on her web and asked my husband who he thought the other one was. He thought it was her baby! But I bet it was her man friend! Anxious to check that out too!!

Thumbnail by KittyKatstadt
Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

Great pic of a Scribbler (writing spider). That small one will be her boy friend.
Keep an eye on her and you will find she is very interesting and harmless.

She is a beauty!

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

So... is my spider not the same kind as yours???? And if mine is a Scribbler... is she still a banana spider??? LOL I'm confused now!!! Maybe I should stick to Spiderman!!!

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

There are several very similar spiders that are large. The sticky part of the web on the Golden Silk is yellow. Your spider makes scribbles on her web so birds don't fly through them. I have both, plus another I have yet to ID. All are frequently are called Banana Spiders. All harmless. I prefer yours because I don't stick my face in their webs as often.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

How did you move yours without hurting her or yourself? How did you catch her? Mine has strung her web over a much traversed pathway, and would've been in my hair had I approached the web from the other side. I saw the webline leading from a plant on the patio, before I saw that huge web AND spider!



Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

I was on the riding mower when I failed to see the web. She was trapped under the web on my neck, right side, as I turned my head when I made first contact. So, since she was already trapped, I just drove to my porch and released her, after she bit me. That web is strong and took it several seconds to free her. Next day she was webbing in my flower bed.


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