Cold water washes the face the skin care?

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Cold water washes the face the skin care?
Original article :
Once in very many magazines, the newspaper we all saw about advocated everybody cosmetology way which washes the face with cold water, the major reason was cold water may contract the pore, makes the flesh not not easily senile.The expert pointed out this method cannot take, washes the face with the hot water, the lukewarm water or the cold water, must be different from person to person.Below these 4 clean surface method, is the present most scientific clean surface method.

1. clean time water temperature take 30℃ as suitable.

  Washes the face with the hot water, the lukewarm water or the cold water, is different from person to person.Puts briefly, the non-greasy skin and the mix skin archery target person, is higher than easily to use 30℃ the lukewarm water washes the face, but must be lower than the body temperature, tries with the hand to have the tepid feeling, did not think burns then.Not only this kind of lukewarm water may with ease wash off the face floating dust, but also may cause the pore to open, favors the skin in-depth to be clean.Attention water temperature not suitable superheat, when surpasses the human body normal body temperature, the face blood vessel wall vigor can be weaken, the skin easy to become the relaxation incapable, becomes dry, appears the wrinkle.

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double WHAT???? I did not understand anything that was said in that article


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I think things got a bit jumbled during translation! Wow!

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I understand what you are saying. If you have non-oily skin it is better to wash with lukewarm water. If you have oily to very oily skin, it is better to wash with very warm or even hot water. I have never met anyone from China so don't know much about your skin type, but I am sure skin is skin all over the world. Everyone has problem skin in some area or the other. Very interesting article. How are things in China? Hope that you are having a good summer. LIZ in Bolivar, Hardeman County, TN, USA. (That is about 70 miles from Memphis where Elvis Presley lived.)

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