We went camping too!!!!

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Boy did I ever need to get away!!! We had so much fun... We went to tahquamanon Falls in the U.P.. of Michigan so beautiful and peaceful I've never been camping with out children but ours are all grown up now. It was my hasbands and mine 6th anny. so we went away. We hiked and cooked out side every day loved it so much I almost wished I was still there.... But we had to come home some time I know we got a new blow up mattress we both slept like babies... So relaxing. Can you tell we really enjoyed ourselves? This is one of the pictures I took on our trip. How could you not love it? That is Lake Michigan:) Have a great summer everyone and go camping.... Ronna

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Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

nice sunset! glad you had a good time. the hardest part about a camping trip is having to go back home...

Nine Mile Falls, WA

That is a beautiful place. We love camping but the last time we tent camped, a bear sat on my husband's head and we haven't been back since.

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

What how did that ever happen??? Is he okay? I mean your husband, not hurt??? Now that its over do you laugh about it? Im not sure I would go again either. Ronna

Homer, GA

the photo,s are great, i am sorry to hear your bear experience,but do not let that discourage you.
i spend six months in the Yukon every year,there are a lot of bears that habitat the area.however,
with a few precautions and a little common sense they pretty well would rather leave you alone.
black bears or the species of bear regardless of color are the most unpredicable,thanks mainly to
tourists.If you have a dog take it with you next time that will usually discourage most bears from
your camp.we had an experience this summer,kind of funny or unusual at least. a black bear broke
a window in the cook shack crawled in,broke open a case of bottled water and drank one bottle,
there was a honey pot less than four feet away the bear never touched it.we are still trying to
figure out if it got scared away or if it was just a health nut.

have fun camping


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