Post downpour garden stroll...

Robertsdale, AL(Zone 8b)

Becky, no, I just grow them here in Alabama! I do work hard to maintain the various systems that I have though...and just chose to keep the University's number when available as it is simpler and can always be referenced back to their informtion on the line. You are correct , Q0426 actually has many different mutant genes. It has chartreuse colored leaves from the yellow gene. The flower form comes from a combintion of the feathered and duplicate genes.

The Maple Willow is actually a Japanese Morning Glory that has the maple-willow gene. This maple-willow gene causes the leaves to be long and thin like a willow leaf, and causes the flower to be "shedded" or split. There is also a maple gene which causes the leaf to look like the maple leaf, with five elements and the flower is partially split..only from the edge to the tube, not completely through the tube also, like the maple-willow gene.

Great question! It is all very confusing a first, but you are grows on you! - Arlan

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Arlan, those blooms are very exotic. I especially love the white 'peony' flowered MG. Thanks for sharing!


Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

hi arlan
pretty mgs!
those peony ones got my eye for sure!!


(Ronnie), PA(Zone 6b)

Arlan this is outstanding!!!

I need to be nosy and ask you how you obtained all these beauties?!! LOL

Baton Rouge area, LA(Zone 8b)

This one is very special. They are all amazing!!!!

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

Simply spectacular flowers, Arlan! Wow!!


Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Eye popping beauty Arlan, mind boggling too. Not just our mothers morning
glory's anymore.


(Zone 7a)

Thank you Arlan - too gorgeous for words - I'm speechless

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