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By popular request



Portland, OR(Zone 8a)


Northeast, NE(Zone 5a)

This is so great.Thanks Dave :))

Denton, TX(Zone 7b)

Thanks, Dave....you're the best!! :)

Upper Hudson Valley, NY(Zone 5a)

Thanks Dave! A pic of my "Hope" coneflower just for you!! Eleanor

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Southeast, MA(Zone 6b)

'Coconut Lime' echinacea. This is the first bloom on a new plant but finally there are more buds. Would have had a lot more by now but the monster bunny nibbled the first batch of buds. Plant seems to be strong enough to come back easily. Started out as little bitty plants this spring.

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Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)


Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Thanks Dave. The coneheads are multiplying around here :)

Upper Hudson Valley, NY(Zone 5a)

New coneflower called White Swan. Eleanor

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McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

Wow. The other threads were getting kind of long.

Upper Hudson Valley, NY(Zone 5a)

ngam - love the Coconut Lime echinacea. That's on my list. Eleanor

Upstate, NY(Zone 5a)

I just love the big sky series!! I must have them all!!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

ngam where did you purchase the Coconut Lime? That's next on my list.

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

great thread.... thanks!!!! I love coneflowers!!!!! I take pictures of my 2 bushes everyday!!!!!

Southeast, MA(Zone 6b)

I got two plants from White Flower Farm this spring. They both got nibbled from the monster bunny early on but are doing well now and both are setting quite a few buds. This is the only bloom so far but it is holding up quite well for a long time. It seems to be as I said a good strong selection. If it comes through the winter which I expect it to do, I would definitely recommend this new one.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Isn't that always the question - "if it makes it through the winter"....?

xxx, Carrie

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

This is great! My coneflowers are my favorites! I get lost in some of the threads (500+ posts!) but might be able to survive separate threads. :)

NE, KS(Zone 5b)

Wow, don't know how I missed this thread... thank you very much Dave. I'm getting an education. -Bonnie

East Uniontown, PA

Hello all.....I'm a participant in another coneflower thread here-----tons of pics!.....Advice!......Feel free to ask!.....Happy Gardening!.....Chuck

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