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Beginning....last spring

Joplin, MO

I had many starts, stops, mistakes, made soil errors, replanted. Wondered if it was worth all the effort last spring.

Thumbnail by showmestate
Joplin, MO

It was (worth it). I am so enjoying the flowers now. I planted this bed three different times before and every one was a failure. Finally...results.

Thumbnail by showmestate
Abilene, TX(Zone 7b)

Gorgeous garden. I hope mine looks like that some day. Is that a Texas Star Hibiscus I see? Mine is blooming right now (red one) and it is so beautiful. I am so glad I bought that one. Nothing else is blooming but that one is. I bet it is great driving up in the driveway and seeing that every day. Great job and I am glad it finally worked out for you.


Springfield, OH(Zone 6a)

That is very pretty, may I ask what kind of grass you are growing there?

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Love the contrast between the purple grass and blackeyed susans. So glad all your hard work finally paid off.

Catonsville, MD(Zone 7a)

What a heavenly shot! How beautiful.

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