Gadgets in the shape of a fish

I have these two gadgets. One is still in the original paper and one isn't. No box and no directions were available. I plucked them out of a miscellaneous cooking tool bin at that garage sale. Both look as if they've never been used. I'll try my best to describe them. They are about 8" long and about 4.5" wide. They look like an old style tin cookie cutter only a double cookie cutter if that makes sense because inside the 8" long fish is another fish that is about 6" long. I keep looking at these metal things and thinking they must be for some sort of a pastry. Maybe a pastry cutter of some sort where you press them down into the dough and it cuts out a fish shape? I can't imagine how they are supposed to be used but it sort of looks as if they would be used with croissant dough. That's all I have on these fish gadgets. Any ideas?

Frederick, MD(Zone 6a)

Here's some pics of how we used puff pastry in the shape of fish - don't laugh !! :)


Ah ha! They're for a puff pastry! I thought they looked like cookie cutters of some sort. In looking at the thread, I can even figure out how they would be used, you make a sandwich using salmon mousse or smoked trout recipe of some sort. Another kitchen gadget mystery solved.

I loved the look of your fishies. I liked Ma Vie's idea for an eye. I think food staring back at you from your plate would be fun every once in a while.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

Lauren ... is ur fish mold similar to this

or is it made of copper instead of cast iron? different molds have different use/s.

No, not like any of the above. I went on line and this time I found out exactly what it's called- a vol-au-vents. It looks to be made out of tin and it looks like a double cookie cutter in the shape of a fish.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

photo of ur gadget will help a lot, instead of guessing. i was going to say earlier it can be use to shape sandwiches for appetizers, but not confident cuz i can not see the object. , , , ,

are u going to have lots of company? lots of cooking GF... hahahaha

Over 30 people for Thanksgiving every year. It gets kind of wild around here.

Here's the photo of the fish thingie, guess using flash wasn't so good of an idea but at least you can see what I have. I think they look a lot like what I've read being described as vo au vents.

While I was at it, I found another unidentified thingie. I'll start a new thread with a photo to find out what it is and what to do with it. It is probably a kitchen gadget because it was in that area with all the other kitchen stuff at that garage sale. The only thing I can come up with for this rolling pin looking thing is croissants maybe.

Thumbnail by Equilibrium
High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

in my younger yrs., there are more than 100 people in my family from both sides. that is excluding some friends who invite themselves. about this time then, i am already doing early shopping, cleaning, storing and cooking some of the recipe i can make ahead of time. i do all the cooking by myself. i do not allow any one mess around with my cooking. on party day, members of my family and friends are the ones busy serving while i rest and relax with the guess. everyone have fun, it is an all day affair since i prepared more than two table setting.

all my SIL, nephews and nieces; before they leave, make sure everything is in the proper places. so i can rest when they are gone

the mold in the photo, u can use the aspic recipe. it will be nice if u can use two color gelatin for the mold to show. the darker hue on the inside and the lighter shade on the outer rim. don't u think that will work. on the platter u will set that fish mold, u can make the radish mice, i shared with Dea. allow ur imagination go wild, cuz that is how i am, i like to pls my guest eyes before they eat.

or u can use that mold for the potato salad. just an idea. or make jello desert and use that mold.

there u go again. hard to imagine what u got. i know i used to have 4 different kinds of rolling pin.

ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE! I can assure you that won't be happening here for Thanksgiving, I'd slice my wrists!

I've never made an aspic recipe. Suggest one ortwo that would be "family friendly". In other words, something that kids would eat. Mine are pretty good about trying new types of foods but they let me know right away if they think something I am serving them is in the league of toxic waste.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

hahaha, within my culture, we never turn anybody away. my grandma said "if u can cook for one, u can cook for a hundred." i love and enjoy cooking. i am happy when i know everyone is happy with the dish serve to them.

the link on post of today's 9:11 a.m. will work. here is another one which i believe is a winner try to make half the recipe for test run to know how the dish taste, and if it is presentable... that is how i experiment on new recipes. lmk how it turn out.

We don't turn anyway away either but we haven't quite hit 40 here for the sit down dinner but we've come close. Now if you include friends who stop in later on in the evening for dessert, then we're over 40 but they don't technically count as they're just grabbing pie or such. Sometime they warm up leftovers but they're on their own for that.

100 is still way too many for this house and it's cold at Thanksgiving. Everybody would be inside and we'd be on top of each other.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

with a family as big as we have, i can never have a sit down dinner, it is always buffet style. my former house has a huge living room, big kitchen plus 3 bedrooms. every one manage to find their niche. most of the men folks prefer to stay outside by the garage with a canopy above between the house and garage. everyone have fun no matter how crowded we are at times.

the holidays is the only time for the family to get together. it is almost like a reunion, after a long absence of nothing touching bases, since everyone have their jobs and family.

Now there's where we differ, I see my whole family on a regular basis.

At Thanksgiving, I chose the word sit-down poorly to use. I meant more main meal. We can only seat so many here. My kitchen table seats 7 comfortably but we usually squeeze another person in there. Dining room table seats 8 comfortably but we squeeze 2 more in. After that; it's coffee tables, end tables, and lots of people sitting on the stairs up the stair cases resting their plates on the next step up. I've even seen people resting their plates on book shelves standing to eat. We did have a folding table we used to use but something happened to it and it broke. Never did buy another one but it only sat 4 people anyway. One of those card table type deals. Long folding table goes out in the garage and we shut down the heat out there to use it as a big walk-in refrigerator for people to get left-overs.

There would be no canopy outside unless our family wanted to stand under it in parkas. Way too cold here at that time of year and last year it was snowing.

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