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Wreath Bread Pan

I am the proud new owner of what the box says is a professional qualit black steel bakeware wreath bread pan. The photograph on the cover of the box shows what appears to be a really beautiful braided hunk of bread in the round.

Here are my thoughts on this. I have a bread maker. It's one of those types that you set on your counter top, pull out the recipe book, drop the ingredients in, and then the machine does all the work to include cooking the bread. We use it a lot for cheddar cheese with onion breads. I used to make sourdough bread but my culture got cleaned out of the frig and I never got around to creating more. Anyway, my thoughts were to get a recipe for braided bread and mix it up in my bread machine then pull out the dough and stick it in the pan. Does anyone have a recipe for braided bread of any sort? I'm thinking there must be some sort of a recipe that holds its form while baking so that you can still see the braid design when the bread is done cooking?

Your first link was a direct hit for what I've got!

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

great at least we solve one! :D

Yup, you got it!

Here's the link to the mystery roller thingie-

You can do it by hand quite easily, but if you have a pan you might as well use it. Search for Challah for recipes to use without a special pan.

I have Challah recipes from my family. The pan I have doesn't have a design it's just a big donut for lack of a better word. In order to get the design, you would have to braid it. Thans for letting me know I could use some of my own recipes in there.

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