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Rowoco Checkered Loaf form for cakes

Yup, I've got one of these too. I don't exactly know why I bought it other than that the photograph on the top of the box showed an enticing checerboard dessert topped with strawberries. Looks as if this is pretty straight forward, you take a chocolate cake mix and a vanilla cake mix and go from there by using the cutter that is enclosed but does anyone have any creative ideas to try with this?

I went online to find a photo of what I bought and struck out. Guess there aren't too many people out there interested in piecing their cakes back together from a bunch of log shapes after they finish baking.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

If your set has 3 round tins and an insert, then that's not meant to be a cutter -- it's meant to be a divider to use while pouring the batter (2 colors) into the pans. If you're careful lifting the divider out of the pan once the batters are poured, they will pretty much stay put during baking (like doing a swirl in a marble cake, but more precise). I have a set like this but confess I haven't used it yet. :-)

3 layers... for the top and bottom later, for example, put chocolate batter in the center and the outer ring and yellow in the middle ring. For the middle layer, reverse that (chocolate batter in the middle ring, yellow cake batter in the center and outer rings). When you assemble those three layers and cut a slice, you'll get the checkerboard pattern.

Better than my description... I found a link with a photo of the pan set I'm talking about...

Ah ha, mystery solved,

it's meant to be a divider to use while pouring the batter (2 colors) into the pans. If you're careful lifting the divider out of the pan once the batters are poured, they will pretty much stay put during baking (like doing a swirl in a marble cake, but more precise).
I was having visions of myself sitting at the kitchen table with a bunch of little squares trying to piece together a cake. Ridiculous was the thought that came to mind particularly because once I finished it, they would have wolfed it all down and no trace of the pretty checkerboard desing would have been left.

The link you have is similar to what I have but mine is a rectangle and it is split in thirds with the cutter or rather the divider. Same concept, different shape.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

You wouldn't even have to mess with 2 different types of batter... if you've got a light colored cake, just add a generous amount of food coloring to part of the batter. I think it's be fun to see the pattern as you slice into the loaf... post a photo when you try it! :-)

Posting photos of anything current right now is an issue for me. I'd like to post some photos of some other gadgets I bought that I can't quite find the right description for but I can't do that either.

The food coloring is a neat idea. I'd do that rather than mixing up two different cake mixes. That's a time saver idea! Good suggestion!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Check the total volume of those pans, though... they may be made to take a double batch of batter (still no problem, just mix up 2 boxes of yellow cake mix in a big bowl).

The pan is about 5" by about 12". I think, not positive, that one cake mix should be fine. I'll try it out this winter when the snow starts blanketing the ground outside.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

It's only one pan, not a set of 3? I'd think you'd need 3 layers to get checkers... maybe you're meant to bake in it 3 times?

It's 3 pans just like you said but only one divider/cutter thing.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

OK... you only need the one divider, just move it from pan to pan.

Have fun with all your new gadgets!

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

checker board recipes ,

scroll down halfway the page for cake recipe from scratch. good ideas for kid b/day too

Oh gosh some of those birthday cakes are darling!

I sort of liked the idea of food coloring. I was thinking of using green. We're green people over here. A green and white checkered cake with green icing would be kinda cool.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

i used to use Wilton's food coloring. warning! use toothpick, very, very sparingly. small amount goes a long way. i used to make my son, nephews and nieces molded cakes. i had a blast decorating cuz internet was not "in" yet. i had to use my imagination on how to decorate, which decorating tip to work with. those were the days. :(

Well, in and amongst all the goodies I bought was a cake decorating kit. I am relatively confident decorating a cake is out of my skillset but for a couple bucks I figured what the heck. I think it would be neat to have deep green ivy foliage scrolling around on the top of a cake but I guess for now if I want that I'd have to order one from a bakery made that way. I'm still happy with this checkered loaf thingie.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

Lauren, u indeed is very lucky. i remember when i was in the catering business, i wanted so badly to buy certain gadgets for ease in my chores... but had to wait, until i have enough $$ save that will not interfer with the running the business.

i will not be surprise, if u gather enough nerve to try ur "new" tools. give it a shot, u can do it.

I am going to try my new toys! All of them except the cake decorating thingie. Maybe some day down the road. I saw a Wilton Cake decorating class available and Hobby Lobby and sort of half way entertained the idea of going but I've got way too much on my plate right now.

Everything I bought was dirt cheap. That's why I bought so much from that one table. We're talking any where from .50 to a few dollars. I was thrilled. No where near the prices they charge at specialty baking retailers and such.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

i used to have a Holly Hobby cake pan made by Wilton. i never had the instruction, but i just look at the cake pan box to produce the same outcome from the photo. it was fun. my nieces love the outcome too. i make one for every niece birthday. Holly Hobby is their favorite. they do not appreciate the Raggedy Ann cake pan.

i know i spent a fortune on all my gadgets and kitchen appliances, albeit large or small.

u are indeed lucky :D!

I didn't spend a fortune on anything other than the Dutch ovens. Those we blew the wad on but we use them several times a month right through winter. They have served us well. I think the largest one is by Lodge but I don't recall what the other two manufacturers are.

Yes, I was really lucky to stop at that particular garage sale. It's certainly been an adventure figuring out what everything is and what to do with it.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

hehehe, wait till u get my age. by then it will be ur turn to solve someone else's puzzle and u will be far more knowledgeable than moi... ha ha ha ha!

it sure been fun.

You aren't that old yet. You have to wait quite a few years to be talking like that ;)

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