Can I link to the Plant FIle?

Bethesda, MD(Zone 7a)

I'd like to link to the matching plant file entry for each cultivar in my journal. I was thinking of putting the link in my initial comments. Is there a way to do this? Better yet would be an automatic link to the plant file if the cultivar exists there.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Once the entry's in your journal there's no way to go back and create the link.

But if you don't mind starting over, you can import things from Plant Files into your journal--go to the Plant Files entry you want to import, scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see a link that says something about importing the plant into your journal. Click on that, then choose a journal and choose what category to put the plant in. Then when you go to the entry in your journal, at the bottom you'll see a link to the Plant Files entry. There is a bug where every once in a while this link doesn't get created, so if you don't see it, try importing a different plant. I only have it happen to me maybe 5-10% of the time, but when it does happen there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it. I've gone back later and tried to re-import the plant, but the link still won't get made.

A couple other bugs that used to be there but may have been fixed by now...first, you didn't used to be able to import things into the journal called "Default". So if that's the only journal you have, you'll probably have trouble, best thing is to create a new journal. And although you're given a choice of what journal to import things into, it used to always put them in whatever journal you had set as your default journal (not to be confused with the journal named Default). These bugs may have been fixed, but wanted to warn you about them in case they haven't been. If you run into any other problems, I'd recommend going over to the DG Journals and Diaries forum, there are some threads on there where people were giving advice to others who were having trouble getting the importing to work right.

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