Who else is living with a remodeling project?

Newburgh, IN(Zone 6a)

Geeze, we have been working on a remodeling-addition since April. Stuff is accumulating and being shifted all over the place.

Would like to here from those of you who have or are having the same problems keeping the dirt down in the rest of the house and coping with the DH who wants to work himself to death trying to get it done fast.

We began in April removing the brick from the back of the house to recyle to the end.

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Highland, IN

LOL, I don't have any projects in process now, but my parents had a "fixer upper" sort of house, and
I spent most of my childhood wandering around projects that were time consuming and very very tiresome after a while.

We put down wood chips on muddy areas. Extra entry rugs help, too. Mom would have butcher paper on hallways that lead to the outside. She'd put plastic clear sheets on furniture that she couldn't wash easily. If worse comes to worse, you could also insist that people take their shoes off beyond a certain point. I read elsewhere on this site that wood chips work wonders for dog paths, so they might work well for your "little" problem.

We also had a strict tack cloth policy, in that if you left the area that was being worked on, you tacked off first. We had a box of them at every entry to the construction area. You may wish to try two clear plastic sheets side-by-side in a hallway to keep too much airborne dirt from traveling deep into the house. That was something we used to attempt to keep plaster dust from traveling too far.

It wasn't perfect, but it was MUCH better than without. Of course, what we mostly had were inside projects, like drywall, plumbing, woodwork, new stairs, celing patches, and re-doing the entry way. I don't know if all these ideas will help with your situation, but they should give you someplace to start.

Newburgh, IN(Zone 6a)

Thanks lacewing, I will try the tack cloths. Hubby wont take off shoes, says it takes to much time. (wears lace up steel toe shoes). Also will try for some wood chips on the slippery mudbanks.

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