Rio Rancho, NM

I live in New Mexico, I planted 8 Crape Mrytles but one of them keeps drooping a bit. When I water it, it perks up but now the leaves are burnt and looks like they are going to start dropping off. What is wrong?


Alamogordo, NM(Zone 7b)

Hi, I am down in La Luz just outside of Alamogordo. I am having the same thing with 2 newly planted ones(actually planted last summer) and my older ones look great. I think they just need time to adjust and plenty of water. I am watering mine thoroughly twice weekly. I wonder if the newer varieties don't do as well as the old ones? I have grown crepe myrtles for years and they all seem to love NM! My 2 that are getting brown leaf tips are also on the edge of the yard where the hot August winds may be the culprit. The one that is older and doing great is in a more sheltered location.

I have found that they like Miracid and I always add sulfur to plantings. We have lots of iron in our soil but it can't be absorbed without sulfur. Good luck! Here is a shot of mine that keeps getting the burnt leaf tips.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Th e best way to help your new planted shrubs that are suffering prom too dry conditions, is to cut the bottom off a plastic juice container, dig as close to the roots of your shrub as you can a sink the juice container, narrow neck end down into the hole you have dug and refill the soil, then when you water, fill up the container a couple of times each watering, that way you will know the water is actually getting to the shrub roots, sometimes if you are having too dry a season, when you water, this runs off the soil as the heat causes a crust to form and water cant penetrate the same depth as needed, also good if you can add a mulch of compost etc to help retain moisture, just dont pile the mulch up and onto the stems or rot could set in. hope this helps, I do this when I plant new shrubs and leave the container in place for the first couple of years if required, it is soon hidden from view as the shrubs develop and grow. Good luck. WeeNel.

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