How do I gather seeds?

McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

This is probably a very simple question to answer, but I haven't done it before, and would like to do this properly. How do I gather seeds? I would like some from my Kim's mophead. I also want to look at after midnight (or twilight - I always forget which one it is), and sunset. I don't expect to find seeds on the new hybrids or if they are there, I know they wont breed true, but I would like to look.

Also, is there a drying process involved. Some seeds need to be fresh when planted. Should coneflower seeds dry a few months?

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Echinacea seeds I collect by:cutting off the browned flower heads,let them dry fully,put them in unclosed ziplock bags and let chill(cold stratify)over winter, then in early spring brush over the cones with the grain(they are sharp!)collecting the short black seeds. You can do it however you like, but they will need to dry well and be chilled to germinate.

McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

Thanks Al, I thought it would be pretty easy. I wonder if they even need stratification since they seem to volunteer so easy in the garden? I'm not going to be planting these till spring anyway.

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