CLOSED: Giant Hornets using lilac bark to nest?

Annapolis, MD

I think these are Giant Hornets--right now they are chewing up a lilac bush and carrying it up to the eaves of our house to build their nest.

Should we take down their nest now, or should we wait until Winter?

If I'm not correct and this is something else, please tell me, then we'll know what to read up on!


(zone 7, Maryland)

Thumbnail by soivos
The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

Here's some info on them. I'm surprised they're building a new nest at this time...This is usually the time of year that their nests are at their peak. This article will explain more.
Personally, I would get rid of the nest. They are in a dangerous place for you.

Halifax, MA(Zone 6a)

Yes those are Giant Hornets- Vespa crabro germana and I agree with ceejaytown. Get rid of that nest.

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