Creative home arts club, scam?????

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

You know how you get things in the mail, buy a book, craft this, yarn that. Well today I got a new one. It is called the creative home arts club. Inside was a couple little free items, and a letter saying how they need people to test craft items.

Ok, I really believe they are going to send me a sewing machine for free to test and keep. HA. (this was one of the items example to be sent, along with bottle of paint, things like that)

For $1 a month, and after filling out a survey, they will send you stuff to rate and test. Also this "nice" craft magazine.
Money back guarentee etc. No mention of paying postage and handling on items sent.

So here is my question. How are they making money? Every business is in it for making money, that just is good sence. What is the catch? Are the questions invasive? Are they going to put you on every list, mailing and phone?

Has anyone joined this "club"? and what do you think of the idea? I am trying to be frugal with my money, but this intrigues me. It sounds kind of fun, even if they just send you really cheap items. Gotta be worth the 12 bucks, for 12 issues of a magazine and 12 craft items....or not?

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