My roses

fuzhou, China(Zone 10a)

Here are three roses from my our balcony garden.

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london England, United Kingdom

Nice artwotk, what did you use?

fuzhou, China(Zone 10a)

watercolor and watercolor pencils.

london England, United Kingdom

Do you have any more flower artworks?

fuzhou, China(Zone 10a)

I only have three, one is our first lily, one is this one, the other is yellow roses and red rose bud. But neither of the other two is as good as this one.

I have just learned to paint flowers in watercolor this year. I love the botanical illustrations in the Time Life Encyclopedia gardening boos. So I began to imitate. This led me to do flower painting of my own.

When I have a garden of my own, I will paint more.

New Orleans, LA(Zone 8b)

BD, your painting is beautiful. It really does look like the botanical prints you find in books.

You might want to check out Artisans to show off your beautiful art:

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london England, United Kingdom

Good luck! that forum is even quieter than this one!!!

Try buying some fresh flowers or go sketching in a park to find them. That is a much better way to learn to paint
than from other flower pictures in books. Still life with flowers, what could be better! You will have an arrangement in the house and paintings!!

fuzhou, China(Zone 10a)

Thank you both for your good advice.

I really look forward to having a garden of my own. Then I can cut flowers and arrange them in my rooms, as shown in this painting.

But I still have to wait for some days before I can move to the countryside.

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New Orleans, LA(Zone 8b)

Wow BD, another beautiful painting. I love the shadowing effects on the floor from the sunlight beaming through the door. I feel so happy looking at this painting, very reminiscent of the feelings I get when I have fresh cut flowers.

Good luck with your move. I can only imagine the beauty of the countryside in China.

london England, United Kingdom

Thanks for posting your artworks this one is lovely, bright jolly colours,watercolour pencils? Good composition. Well done! Once you start to grow your flowers, you will find, like most people, that you don't want to cut them!!
Good job you are moving to the countryside, you could have a flower meadow!!

london England, United Kingdom

I made a purple collage and flower bow!

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New Orleans, LA(Zone 8b)

Terri, that looks "metallicky"...that's not paper is it? Pretty cool art.

Banyandreams, hope your move was okay? Tell us about the weather over there.

london England, United Kingdom

The collage is paper and wool strands , the bow is shiny ribbon paper, I used nearly a whole role!!
This is the sort of stuff I do when I haven't got any flowers! Thanks for saying its cool.

fuzhou, China(Zone 10a)

Since I post here last time, it's been two years. I had moved to several places, but still could not find a place like home. ..

Sometimes, I feel very tired of moving around.

Christchurch, New Zealand

banyananddreams - you are very talented, I love the two pictures, the one of the room is something I could look at all day ^_^

And Terri - is there no end to your talents, gardening, flower arranging & arts & crafts too!

I have to say if there is one talent I envy that would be the ability to sketch & paint.
I can't get what is in my head to come out onto the paper...

fuzhou, China(Zone 10a)

dalfyre, thanks for your appreciation and encouragement.

I put many of my artworks in

and there wrote about how I learned to draw and paint. But you need to read from bottom to top. You see I was a programmer at first, I had not thought of painting at all...but when I was 26, I experienced some changes...

Christchurch, New Zealand

thank you for sharing your blog.
It was nice to gain an insight into what inspired your lovely art.
best wishes

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