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Corinth, NY(Zone 4b)

My hubby and I were out driving around and I saw these ducks on the river. Can anyone help me identify them? At first I thought they were looms, but when I was looking at them in the pictures I knew that was not the case. The picture is not the greatest, but it was the best of the batch.
Thank you !


Thumbnail by Candy
Melbourne, FL

My guess is Merganzer.

Marlton, NJ

Hi Candy, It does look like a Red- Breasted Merganser. I'm not very good w/ water fowl but someone who is will let us all know soon.

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Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Female common mergansers, probably. (Other possibility is female red-breasted, but it seems like there is quite a bit of contrast between throat and breast, so I'd guess common.)

Corinth, NY(Zone 4b)

Thank you all :) That is what my husband and son thought it was also, but from the pictures I looked at I was not convinced.

Thank you again

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Young Goosanders (a.k.a. Common Merganser). Can tell they are young ones by the face pattern (just visible) with a white streak just above the base of the bill (adult females all dark there).


Anchorage, AK(Zone 4a)

This is one, of three flocks, of young Common Mergansers, I watched most of yesterday afternoon while fishing on Kenai Lake, Alaska. At least the birds made the trip interesting, because the fish weren't biting.

Thumbnail by Grasmussen
Anchorage, AK(Zone 4a)

This is a close up of two birds from the flock shown above.

Thumbnail by Grasmussen
Moxee, WA(Zone 4a)

My neighbor works in AK on the pipeline (2 wk on 2 wk off). Friday I dropped off an adult Common Merganser hen to his taxidermist. This neighbor has a collection of mounted ducks that is amazing. He, his brother and his cousin are all members of the Safari Club. They travel together all over the world to collect real specimens .... have them mounted and shipped home. They bought containers (rr cars) to store their collections of mounted animals/birds. I've only seen comparable collections at the Smithsonian Institute and a life sciences museum @ BYU. The taxidermist said "well this is a 1st". I almost laughed because you have to know he's doing quail, mallards, ring necked pheasants by the bushel.

Marlton, NJ

Hi Photographer, If you read the Important Rules for the Bird Watching forum you'll see we are not allowed to discuss anything that promotes the harming etc. of birds.

There is a Hunting & Fishing Forum here at Daves. Heres the link to that.

Thank you very much. :-)

Moxee, WA(Zone 4a)

pelletory, I read the rules. I was trying to state the facts yet not promote harming birds or even hunting. I commented solely because of the coincidence of the mount being the identical sex and species of duck that was queried. I ran an errand for a neighbor who hunts quite more than the average person to drop off a specimen of his to be mounted. I keep a small domesticated flock of 5 ducks, 25 chickens as well as 8 guinea fowl. I would not harm birds myself. The only thing good about hunting I can think of is the license revenues go toward developing larger and better functioning habitat for larger and healthier flocks of birds or herds of animals. There are 3-4 significant waterfowl & wildlife refuges in our area that provide optimal opportunities to view upland game birds & waterfowl. Most non-hunting people do not take their opportunity to use them. It is perfectly legal to sit in the duck blinds for the purpose of viewing ONLY. I have learned they are "impacted" by hunters. In other words the hunters are lined up and many cannot get in due to someone else being in the line in front of them. Thats a great motive for bird lovers to go to the refuges during the hunting season. For every person sitting alone in a blind enjoying the wildlife and surroundings without a gun ..... it likely means 3 fewer people shooting at the birds in the same blind. That is a nice way of showing your love for the animals. Hunters are significnatly outnumbered by non-hunters.

Marlton, NJ

Hi Photographer, thanks for your reply. I certainly was not trying to imply that you yourself were harming birds.

I know the post kind of fell into a grey area and thats why I did not reply right away.

One member was highly offended by the post.

I was not offended but thought maybe you had just mistakenly put it in the wrong forum.

As I said before, there are always going to be "grey areas" (concerning rules) no matter what the subject is.

BTW Photographer, your last sentence brought a BIG SMILE to my face. Thank You!

I think these grey areas are for administration to figure out.

Next time a member is highly offended by the subject of a post that falls into a "grey area" please just go to the Home Page, scroll down to the bottom and hit the "Contact Us" button. I would STRONGLY suggest that before doing that that you take the time to calm down and try to think of all sides of the argument before taking that step.

Thanks Everyone!

Thank you Photographer for you nice reply. Have a good day! Pelle :-)

Moxee, WA(Zone 4a)

pelletory, I suspected the post was kinda in a gray area. I figured that since I hadn't done anything violent and was reporting what someone else's hobby was that at I was not promoting anything like what we all know regretably happens to a % of game birds and animals. Until I met this neighbor ..... I had little thought about the few Game Bird Refuges neighboring our community or the Wildlife Refuges either. My sight is not so tunnel visioned any more. I live 10 miles out of town and we have close to 1000 Gambles Quail on our land and probably 50 Ring Necked pheasants (20 acres with a 1/2 mile of stream on our south border). In the winter we have several hundred each of Mallards, Wigeons, Wood Ducks & Green Winged Teal stopping by as they travel south. We even get a few Canada Geese. I'm hoping to see a Snow Goose. 2 weeks ago I was in Glacier National Park and had a white Mountain Goat walk right past our car ... almost touching as he passed our SUV on the Going to the Sun Hwy. We took about 20 photos of the billy. He looked to be about 2 yrs old. I'd never seen 1 closer than 2 miles away before (using binoculars) in all my life.

Marlton, NJ

Oh my gosh, you live in a great area! I hope you'll be able to get some shots of some of the birds you talked about; we would love to see them.

Wouldn't mind seeing that white Mountain Goat either! :-)

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