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Black plastic compost bins that make compost quickly

Kyle, TX

Has anyone had any experience using those black compost containers that supposedly make ready-to-use compost in just a few weeks, merely by turning it once a day? I'd like to know if they are worth the money.

Lumberton, TX(Zone 8b)

Just saw your post, crabmeat. I have an envirocycle tumbler and have not had much luck with it. They removed the air holes because critters were getting into them, and it sort of defeated the purpose. You have to be really careful with your proportions as well. You can get a lot of info on the 'soil and compost' forum.

Kyle, TX

Thank you, Brigidlily. Hearing someone's actual experience is what I was looking for. We have a couple of "lazy" compost piles, which work great for us, but I was wondering if the compact compost tumblers, like what you had, would work for people in small yards and with neighborhood rules about regular compost piles. It sounds like it was too good to be true. Thanks also for the tip about looking at the soil and compost forum. I hadn't seen that yet.

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