do animals damage mums?

Chicago, IL

Hi -

I've planted a few inexpensive (grocery-store) mums and marigolds in a patch next to a busy sidewalk. I noticed that a couple of the marigolds have been uprooted, and the mums have some stems broken off at the base (including one where the main stem was just snapped). I was wondering if the mum damage could also be from small critters, the alternative being the other kind of small critters (teenagers) stepping on them. However, a few of the plants are fine and so I'm not sure if it's just trampling. Anyone with a similar experience? I am really, really hoping we'll be able to landscape that ugly spot next spring without it being ruined.....:) Thanks!

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

I don't know of any animal that would deliberately break off mums, or especially marigolds, so it must be the inferrior kind of animal, and I'm afraid that undisipline has gone too far to change them.They find distruction more accessible than construction.Mike

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

...unless some of our woodland critters made their way up there! They break up and dig up all our container gardens. My grocery store mum is just now recovered from the violence done to it this spring, and that's only because I finally gave up and brought it inside.

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