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How to add unknown cultivars...?

Dowling Park, FL(Zone 8b)

How should we add an image of a known plant, but do not know the cultivar, or even if it has a name. Should we take a guess on a listed cultivar that looks the same?...or post it as a "new plant"?
For example: I recently uploaded a picture of a frangipani and not knowing what cultivar, listed it as a "common white", even though it was pink. This was kicked back, properly, but looking at all the submitted pinks did not find a "common pink", so listed it as a "Treasure Isle" which seemed to closely match, but do not have the faintest idea if that is correct.
I guess my point is that many "native" or volunteer plants may not have a known do we add those?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You shouldn't put a pic of something in a Plant Files entry for a certain cultivar unless you are sure that's what you have. You also can't make a new entry for it unless you know what it is--what would you call it if you don't know what it is? Plant Files isn't a place to show off pretty pictures (although the pictures are pretty!), it's a reference database, so it's important that the information and pictures that are in each entry are accurate. So if you can't get a positive ID on what cultivar you have (which I think may be difficult with your plumeria), then enjoy your plant, enjoy your pictures of it, post them on the Plumeria forum, etc but don't put it in Plant Files under a cultivar when you're not sure that's it.

Native plants will usually not have a cultivar name, but if you know what species they are you can enter them under the straight species. Again though, you should always be sure what you have before you put it in. If in doubt, show off your pics in one of the forums instead.

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