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Plant files has a bug.

North Augusta, ON

Lately when i do a search, not all the matching plants are coming up. I just searched nicotiana, and only got 3 results, which made me think I didn't have a nicotiana. Also, when I searched Stapelia to show Mom the seedling pic I put there, the particular one I was looking for didn't come up. Is this a bug of some kind???

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I searched Nicotiana too to come up with the links that I put in your ID thread, and it gave me a ton of them. What field were you putting Nicotiana in? When I put it in the common name field, only a few come up, but when I put it in the genus field I get a whole bunch.

With Stapelia, I get 30 something hits when I put it in the common name, and 40 when I put it in the genus.

I also tried doing a general search instead of the specific search since I wasn't sure which one you were using, and I get a ton of Nicotiana results as well as Stapelia.

North Augusta, ON

That's my problem then...I never know if the word I'm using is common name, genus or species or what...ok, forget the bug..operator malfunction strikes again.....

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