Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

Ive been waiting with much excitement and today she arrived!
What a lovely Caudex she has
She almost fills the 8" pot.
I moved her to a clay pot moments after the photo.
She said green wasn't her favorite color
Whats wrong with me? I can see her changing her leaves to white sheeesh. ^^
I cant wait for her to recover from the post office abuse.¤t=MissJapan2.jpg¤t=MissJapan1.jpg
It looks like shell recover
I dont see any soft marks, breaks or splits in the body
They did break 6 tips off can you imagine? >:'z
Heres my tribute to the post office
Thanks guys!¤t=POFUBAR1.jpg¤t=POFUBAR.jpg¤t=POFUBAR3.jpg

Im really looking forward to a first bloom here.
Awesome Adenium Plants @
Thanks Chris!! 8)

Harrisburg, PA(Zone 6a)

That is a great and large looking plant, Malestrom! Sorry about the damages, that package looks like it had been through a war zone!!


Niceville, FL(Zone 8b)

Unbelievable. And those boxes are thick and tough. Someone worked really hard to crush that one.

Anyway, I told you she was a beauty. And boy , that one is a winner. Look at the way the caudiform twists.

Sequim, WA(Zone 8a)

Beooootiful :)

Valrico, FL(Zone 9b)

That's really disgusting.

The top didn't have much growth, as they were just breaking from their hard pruning, but that's really disappointing.

Apparently I need to change my packaging to titanium crates.


Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

Thats not your fault Chris.
The PO should honor thier customers property.
Thank God they dont do adoption services or ambulatory service! ;p

Im happy to have her
Next year shell have such a full head all the Post Office abuse will be forgotten. ;)

If you do go to Titanium be sure to reinforce with rebar. ;P

Yardley, PA

I swear they drop-kick those boxes around. The plant still looks great and the leaves look more like they didn't like the hot box then abuse-which is normal.
That is one BIG plant. So I assume eventually you will graft other flowers onto it? I absolutely am going to learn to graft. That is too cool.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

I will NOT graft into this one
I consider it a specimen in my collection.
I will take the cuttings from her hard prunings and graft them into some others.
I placed all the tips that broke off into moist medium and they woke up!
I went outside this morning for my daily gander whilst having my 1st cup o joe.
I was so surprised to see they werent all wilted and quitting.
I have high hopes they will swell and ill try grafting a few of them immediately.
I just hope we have a few more hot days to get the juices flowing
Otherwise ill have to put the plant under a strong light and on a heating pad under a plexiglass cover to maximize humidity, to get it stimulated enough for a graft.

Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

Wow! That's a really nice specimen!

Yardley, PA

I will have to come over to your house sometime so you can show me how to graft. I don't know that I will be able to wait until spring!

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

LOL! SallyD
Grafting at the wrong time = failure
Im happy to show you anytime im here

Valrico, FL(Zone 9b)

Well, I did it. I plagerized your idea.

I had a nice 2 yr old that had perfect branching. A larger center branch and 4 equally spaced outer branches. In the middle went a triple tipped Nila Kaan. Across from each other went single tipped miss japan's. On opposite corners are Gold Medal.

If all five take, this could be a neat plant. Look for the results around the middle of October.

The other project today was one with a center violet, and alternating solid red and white outer grafts. After the violet did so well, I decided I was ready for some serious challenges.


Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

The grafts will take in about 4 weeks for sure.
Youll know by then.
Its not plagiarism ;)
Im happy to see ideas built on.
Any successes we have are enjoyed by everyone.
Now my genetic alterations of plants I wont share >_<

Valrico, FL(Zone 9b)

I also covered my back on this. I cut the host branches to about 2 inches. If only half of them take, I can cut back and graft new on the ones that didn't.

New idea!!!!!!!!

They're few and far between, so I tend to get excited.

Train a seedling to make a patriotic like shape. Alternating blue and white in the top left, filled with rows of pure white, and blood red flowers across.

When you do your grafts do you cover the entire pot in a plastic bag. It seems to be the way they do them in Thailand. I do it just to follow suit, but not certain of the reason. Thoughts?


Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

I only cover the grafted branch
However, whatever works for you is what to do.
Each climate and micro climate has different needs and results.

Id grow the 'flag' on its side so the branches go to the right when stood up
Then you can grow it on its side but show it upright so the blooms look like a flag ;)

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Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7b)


The reason why people cover the pot with plastic is to protect the newly grafted part from water. Rain water and water from the sprinkler will cause the newly grafted part to rot. Most people will only cover the grafted branch.

Thumbnail by seraphine
Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

It is also to keep the new graft moist as it can dry out in the heat and wont take ;)

Dallas, TX

I need to buy a Miss Japan adenium plant (anysize) or seeds . PLEASE.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

I am 0 for 200 on grafts taking on adeniums
I can do plumeria in my sleep. sigh** :/

Yardley, PA

I feel better then. I tried a graft last summer on an adenium and it didn't take either.

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